"Previously, students would bring their laptops to lectures and examinations, each with its own operating system. At the start of the sessions, it would take a long time for students to power up their devices, load the right applications and learning tools.

By providing all their students with the same devices during lectures, the Department staff observed that they could offer a more consistent, engaging learning experience, and help students and professors make the most of every second in the classroom and language lab. Standardization was perceived to have a positive impact on tests and examinations, which could be run in a more efficient and seamless way."

Vincenzo Settembrino

Technical Administrator at the Department of Linguistic and Cultural Studies, UNIMORE

Equipping students with the skills to succeed

Innovation and excellence are the guiding principles for UNIMORE’s Department of Linguistic and Cultural Studies. The Department offers degree courses and conducts interdisciplinary research in foreign languages and linguistics, history and philosophy, anthropology and sociology, culture and communication, and aims to provide graduates with the skills to succeed in the workplace and to engage critically with the contemporary world.

Fueled by a national research grant of EUR 5 million in 2017, the Department planned to create multiple state-of-the-art language labs and classrooms. Within the new teaching environments, the Department sought to implement a ‘smart classroom strategy’ that would provide students with access to high-performance laptops running a uniform set of translation, linguistic analytics, and assessment applications.

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