“In the future, we want our Lenovo hyperconverged architecture to become a single platform that all our teams can use independently, enabling them to access the resources they need without affecting other departments.”

Nikita Vernigora

Head of IT, Crystal Service Integration

Combining cloud-like flexibility with cost-efficiency and control.

Crystal Service Integration (CSI) is a specialist solutions provider that develops and implements point-of-sale (POS) systems, cash registers, and retail automation software for large network retailers. Founded 26 years ago, the company has grown steadily and now provides services for more than 300 retail chains and 13,000 stores in Russia and neighboring countries.

CSI’s business model depends on its ability to provide reliable, cost-effective software services to its clients, and to develop innovative software. Over the past few years, the company had started to move away from its legacy on-premises infrastructure and to embrace a cloud-first approach—but this strategy had both benefits and disadvantages.

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