“We’re excited to keep working with Lenovo as we continue to digitize and future-proof our manufacturing processes, for example by incorporating edge computing to increase automation on our production lines. Lenovo’s expertise in this area will be a valuable asset.”

Zhu Jianming,

Infrastructure Manager,
GuoGuang Electric Company

Keeping China connected throughout the pandemic with world-class audio technology.

Established as a broadcasting equipment manufacturer in 1951, GuoGuang Electric Company Ltd. (GGEC) is now one of China’s leading designers and producers of audio technology. The company makes a wide range of products, from professional speakers, audio production equipment, and teleconferencing solutions to home entertainment systems, headphones, and laptop speakers.

As well as producing traditional audio hardware, GGEC is one of the largest exporters of wireless Bluetooth speakers in the world, and provides Baidu—one of the world’s biggest internet companies—with speakers for its AI-powered voice assistant.

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