Parent's Guide on How to Find the Best Laptop for College

So your kid is heading off to college—congrats! By now you’re probably racing through the lists of things they’ll need while away from home: Food, clothing, dorm room essentials (yes, childhood teddy bears count!), etc. Before you get too carried away at your nearest IKEA or Costco... Read More

Chromebook vs. a Laptop for College or School

Computers have long been a required part of every student’s back-to-school toolkit, and the increasing prevalence of remote learning have made them even more important... Read More

Buying a Laptop for Kids

Let’s face it: Computers are an integral part of the modern world. And when it comes to kids and computers, it’s a natural if not necessary match. In addition to playing games or connecting with friends via social media, kids today use computers for everything related to education from doing homework to taking tests to communicating with teachers... Read More

Students Laptops Under $500

If you’re a student, or a parent of a student, you know that having a laptop isn’t optional. Given all of the expenses involved with attending college, however, most folks can’t afford to take a sky’s-the-limit approach when buying a laptop for school. This prompts a lot of people to ask, “Do I really need to spend thousands to get a good laptop?” Thankfully, the answer is "no"... Read More

Laptop Accessories to Make Distance Learning More Comfortable

Distance learning and remote education has become the new norm for students ranging from preschoolers to Ph. D candidates. Distance education, considered by many in the education field as scenarios where students take classes that are largely self-directed, and remote learning, where students attend classes at specific times via their computers, are growing in popularity... Read More