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It's not a laptop. It's a ThinkPad.

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ThinkPads that changed the world

The way we compute. The way we do business. The way we live our lives. Every time business has gone somewhere new, discovered something different, or done something revolutionary, chances are, ThinkPad was there. See how ThinkPad and its users have been changing the world.

Love it. Admire it. Beat the hell out of it.

We test Think systems against 12 military-grade requirements and more than 200 quality checks to ensure they function in extreme conditions. From the arctic wilderness to desert dust storms, from zero-gravity to spills and drops, you can trust ThinkPad and ThinkCentre to handle whatever life throws your way.

The journey’s as important as the destination

We strive to better serve our customers. We focus on process improvement, so you can focus on achieving results. That legendary little red dot, for example, saves your hand from reaching for a mouse and moving nearly the distance of an Olympic swimming pool over the course of a day.

Practical, Powerful & Purposeful. Never Showy. Watch the video >

Think heritage
The world’s #1 business laptop of all time*
Loyal customers have pushed the number of ThinkPad laptops sold to more than 100‑million, while ThinkCentre desktops support professionals across all industries.
  • 1992 ThinkPad 700C
    The beginning of everything
    The 700C features the world’s first TrackPoint, the now renowned little red dot that makes it possible to navigate and use a keyboard without a mouse.
  • 1993 ThinkPad 750C
    Zero gravity, zero problem
    In December 1993, the 750C becomes the first ThinkPad to blast-off into outer space on a ground-breaking, zero-gravity mission.
  • 1995 ThinkPad 701C
    MOMA design masterpiece
    The 701C’s Butterfly Keyboard is widely considered a design masterpiece and has become part of the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.
  • 1997 ThinkPad 770
    Portable cinema,
    popcorn not included
    In 1997, the ThinkPad 770 becomes the first portable PC to feature an integrated DVD-ROM drive, resulting in improved access to more data and high-quality video right in your lap.
  • 2004 ThinkPad T42
    Swipe. Login. Simple.
    The ThinkPad T42 is the industry’s first ThinkPad laptop to feature biometric security with an integrated fingerprint reader and embedded security chip.
  • 2005 ThinkPad X41 Tablet
    Tablet with a twist
    With its full-sized keyboard and twistable screen, the ThinkPad X41 demonstrates an ability to adapt to new ways of working and becomes the world’s first 2-in-1.
  • 2005 ThinkCentre E50
    ThinkCentre desktops debut
    SMB ThinkCentre E Series announces, with the E50 available in both tower and SFF. ThinkCentre M52 and A52 also launch—incorporating dual processors and 64-bit technology for the first time.
  • 2006 ThinkPad X60
    Detach & go
    The ThinkPad X60 becomes the first modular laptop. Detach from built-in dock, and carry a lighter-weight system into the field. Leave the ports behind at your desk.
  • 2008 ThinkCentre M57 / M57p
    Green PCs = greener planet
    The ultra-small Eco M57/ M57p become the first desktops to achieve GREENGUARD® certification, along with EPEAT® Gold and Energy Star ratings.
  • 2009 ThinkPad W700ds
    One computer, two screens
    The ThinkPad W700ds features a dual screen—along with the 17” display, a 10.6” screen slides out from the side, expanding the desktop.
  • 2012 ThinkPad X1
    Ultra-thin. Ultra-light. Ultra-tough.
    The first generation of the X1 Carbon Ultrabook™ debuts at CES. With carbon fiber chassis, the X1 offers professionals a powerful yet lightweight alternative to the laptop.
  • 2014 ThinkCentre M53 Tiny
    Tiny desktop, big performance
    The enterprise-level ThinkCentre M53 Tiny launches, becoming the industry’s first 1-liter desktop. Includes built-in wireless, advanced thermal design, and robust security features.
  • 2016 Award-winning Think X1 family debuts
    Powerful performance, premium experience
    Along with the 4th generation of the X1 Carbon, the ground-breaking X1 Yoga, X1 Tablet, and ThinkCentre X1 PC debut at CES, sweeping up Best of CES Awards, Reddot Awards, IF Gold Award, and IF Product Design Awards.
  • ThinkPad goes retro
    Commemorating 25 years of ThinkPad, we launch ThinkPad 25 special anniversary edition that pays homage to the original aesthetics of that first 1992 model.

* Represents ThinkPad unit sales. Statement based on product brand level worldwide total unit sales for business laptops from 1992 to Q4 CY2016.

Featured Tablet

Featured Tablet


ThinkPad X1 Tablet

Tablet. Laptop. Canvas. You decide.

Redesigned from the ground up, ThinkPad X1 Tablet (3rd Gen) delivers power, productivity, and portability in an ultrapremium 2-in-1. From the enlarged 13” display to the detachable keyboard, from the enhanced security, to the responsive voice experience that quickly wakes your device, the X1 Tablet provides the perfect solution for professionals on the go.

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Featured Tablet

Featured Tablet

All ThinkPad Tablets

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Tablet Gen 3

X1 Tablet (3nd Gen)

  • 13" 2-in-1 premium tablet for business
  • Full-sized detachable keyboard with fingerprint reader
  • Enhanced security, far field voice-responsiveness

X1 Tablet (3nd Gen)

Featured Laptop

Featured Laptop


ThinkPad X1 Carbon

Ultralight. Ultrapowerful. Ultra-no-brainer

ThinkPad X1 Carbon (6th Gen) merges elegant design, seamless responsiveness, and legendary durability to create the ultimate in mobile productivity. Global LTE-A connectivity option, up to 15 hours of battery life—along with rapid-charging technology—keep you unplugged and on-task, wherever the road leads.

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Featured Laptop

Featured Laptop

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Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon laptop

X Series

Thin & light productivity tools

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Lenovo ThinkPad T570 laptop

T Series

Renowned professional tools

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ThinkPad P Series

P Series

Powerful mobile workstations

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Lenovo ThinkPad A Series

A Series

Mainstream laptops with AMD technology

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Lenovo ThinkPad E Series

E Series

Affordable small business laptops

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Lenovo ThinkPad L Series

L Series

Our most green business PCs

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Lenovo ThinkBook Series

ThinkBook Series

Built for business, designed for you

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Featured Yoga Laptop

Featured Yoga Laptop


ThinkPad X1 Yoga

The flexibility of Yoga, the business acumen of X1

ThinkPad Yoga (3rd Gen) moves with you, delivering both premium design and rugged durability. Yet it’s the attention to detail throughout that makes this 2-in-1 unlike others in its class: the phenomenal HDR display option with 100% color gamut, the rechargeable pen, rapid-charging technology for super-long battery life, the innovative Rise and Fall Keyboard, and the 360-degree hinge.

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Featured Yoga Laptop

Featured Yoga Laptop

All ThinkPad Yoga

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga 3rd Gen

X1 Yoga (3rd Gen)

  • 14" premium 2-in-1 business laptop
  • 360-degree hinge, built-in rechargeable pen
  • Premium HDR display option with 100% color gamut

X1 Yoga (3rd Gen)

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga

X1 Yoga (2rd Gen)

  • 14” ultralight 2-in-1 business laptop
  • 4 work modes, faster storage options
  • All-day battery, stunning touchscreen

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ThinkPad Yoga 370

Yoga 370

  • Powerful, portable, & durable 2-in-1
  • Touchscreen with digital pen support
  • All-day battery, worldwide warranty

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ThinkPad X380 Yoga

X380 Yoga

  • Versatile 13.3" business 2-in-1
  • 4 use modes & pen support
  • Enterprise-level security

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ThinkCentre Desktops

Enterprise-ready. Secure & reliable.

Available in a range of shapes and sizes, ThinkCentre PCs are powerful workhorses with unique designs. From the 1-litre tiny desktops to traditional towers and small form factor (SFF) desktops, to our elegant all-in-ones (AIO), they’re perfect for work in any environment.

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Lenovo M Series SFF

M Series SFF

Compact enterprise desktops

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Lenovo M Series Tiny

M Series Tiny

Full-featured micro PCs

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M Series All-In-One

M Series All-In-One

Space-Saving Enterprise Desktops

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Lenovo CES 2019

The next generation…

Want a sneak peak of the next-generation X1 Carbon and X1 Yoga? Surround sound from a built-in sound bar and a 4K display translate to a truly cinematic experience. Plus, ThinkPad PrivacyGuard shields your data from wandering eyes.

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Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Series laptops

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ThinkPad X1 In-ear Headphone
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ThinkVision P27Q QHD Display
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ThinkPad X1 Wireless Touch Mouse
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