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What is Among Us?

Among Us is an online social deduction game that has taken the world by storm. The game has players take on the role of a spaceship's crew, trying to solve tasks while one or two of them are 'Imposters,' out to sabotage their efforts and eliminate the crew.  Played on both computers (via Steam) and mobile devices, it's gained immense popularity for its easy to learn but hard to master mechanics. As you can tell from its name, Among Us has some similarities with other party games like Mafia or Werewolf.

What is the goal in Among Us?

The goal of normal tasks is fairly simple: complete them before time runs out or before the Impostor eliminates everyone! This can involve things like fixing wires, unlocking doors, or finding certain objects on each level. If a task is completed faster than usual, then bonus points can be awarded. On the other hand, if you're one of the Impostors then your goal is slightly different; you have to try and get away with eliminating as many crew members as possible without getting caught.

How many players can play Among Us at once?

A single game can accommodate up to 10 players at once; however, this may vary depending on which platform it's being played on. The default maximum number of players in a single lobby on computer platforms such as Steam is 8 people - though some private lobbies may allow for more. Similarly, mobile devices have a limit of 4-10 people for each lobby depending on hardware capabilities and software limitations.

Does Among Us have cross-platform playability?

Yes, Among Us does support cross-platform playability. Players on different platforms, such as PC, mobile devices, and consoles, can join the same game and play together seamlessly. This feature enhances the game's accessibility and allows friends to enjoy the game regardless of their preferred gaming platform.

Is there voice chat in Among Us?

Yes! On all platforms voice chat is enabled by default when joining game lobbies with friends - unless someone decides to opt-out themselves manually or turn it off for everyone else in their settings menu. It does however require everyone connected to use their own voice chat client (such as Discord) so that they can talk during gameplay; this means that those who aren’t familiar with such services may be left out from group chats amongst friends and family members who do know about them already.

Are mods available for playing Among Us?

Yes! Mods are available for both PC and mobile versions of the game which give access to custom costumes/skins/hats/colors/maps etc., allowing gamers an extra degree of personalization when playing online with others. It's important to note however that since these mods come from third-party sources, they aren't officially endorsed by Innersloth - so there might be risks involved regarding privacy/security issues which isn't something we'd recommend doing lightly.

Is there a single player mode in Among Us?

No - it doesn't look like there will be support for a single player mode anytime soon unfortunately due to how much focus has been placed around online multiplayer gameplay being paramount in this title since launch day back in 2018. That said, however, there have been updates since launch which focus heavily on improving offline play (as well as additional content like maps etc.) so hopefully this could change sometime soon.

Are there social consequences for not completing tasks in time or being suspected of sabotage in Among Us?

Absolutely - after all, social deduction games like this rely heavily upon player decisions based upon suspicion over exact facts; meaning that any suspicion aimed at one person could cause resentment between them and other players because they now feel targeted unfairly without proof enough being provided by others around them yet still being punished based solely upon reputation rather than facts alone! That said, though such resentment usually fades fast when facts do eventually appear during future rounds where it was revealed someone else was actually behind any suspicious behavior - so it's important not to hold grid.

How is the impostor selected in Among Us?

In Among Us, the impostor gets chosen randomly at the start of each game. The server assigns this role to one or more players based on the lobby's size. Until their first move or exposure during the game, the impostors' identities remain hidden. This touch of randomness heightens the suspense and thrill in every round, ensuring an engaging and exciting experience for all players.

What are emergency meetings in Among Us?

Emergency Meetings in Among Us essentially allow all players to discuss situations with one another without having any extra tasks requiring completion during this time. It also gives players a chance to call out particular people and narrow down scenarios further than the normal chat box would allow. Calling an emergency meeting requires everyone involved to drop their current task and come together - making it a fitting name in some ways since these kinds of gatherings usually involve life-or-death decisions.

Are there achievements or unlockable content available in Among Us?

Yes! A player's achievements are tracked depending upon their performance over many different rounds; with high scores being permanently saved on each platform used (so even if a game gets deleted or someone changes their name, they'll still retain their stats). As well as that, completing certain tasks or solving puzzles faster than other players will often result in rewards such as skins/hats/animations etc., which give players more customization options when trying to distinguish themselves from others during future games - increasing replay value greatly.

Does playing Among Us require any special equipment?

No - unlike most other social deduction games there's no need for special equipment like extra cards, tokens, boards etc., because all the action takes place digitally on your computer or mobile device. That said however there are some handy accessories which could help make things easier if you're playing on your own device: things like wireless headphones so you can listen in on other conversations more easily - something which could prove invaluable when trying to track down who is sabotaging what around you.

How many maps are there for playing Among Us?

Currently, there are three main maps available for playing Among Us: The Skeld (the original map released alongside the title launch back in 2018), Mira HQ (the second map added via update back in September 2020), and Polus (the third and largest map released late July 2021). All three contain several modules full of tasks & objectives as well as plenty of areas where crewmates and Impostors alike can hide away & surprise unsuspecting victims.

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