How fast does my computer need to be for college courses?

Your computer should be able to run at normal speed while having multiple windows open. Some may be playing videos, downloading music or programs, or viewing documents... Read More

Laptop vs. Tablet: What’s your best bet?

With so many gadget choices on the market these days, it can be very difficult for consumers to decide where to sink their money. Laptops and tablets are wildly popular within different groups and demographics, mostly because they deliver specialized experiences to their users... Read More

Types of Tablets Offered by Lenovo

Lenovo offers a selection of quality tablets, each with a user interface and technical capabilities more impressive than the last. You're probably eager to find the right fit for your own business or personal tablet needs. Browse through these most frequently asked questions for an in-depth Lenovo tablet comparison... Read More

What is the best Windows 8 tablet?

With its flat design and tile-based layout, Windows 8 translates seamlessly from desktop and laptop computers to tablets. These portable devices have become more popular at home and in the workplace because of their versatility. Consumers looking for a tablet that operates on Windows 8 have an array of options... Read More

Which Lenovo tablet has the best battery life?

Lenovo's line of tablets promotes portability, reliability and best of all, long battery life. The Yoga line of tablets provides the longest battery life possible from a tablet. Breaking the mold in tablet design, Yoga Tablets are the first to feature a kickstand that wraps around a cylindrical-shaped base. Named for its versatility and flexibility, Yoga Tablets can be moved into three positions: hold, tilt and stand... Read More

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