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Software solutions for your everyday needs

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Tools to support online work

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Providing the ideal software solutions for your everyday needs to optimize your Lenovo devices. Explore Lenovo Cloud and Software offers and products.

 Need help finding the perfect software solution for you?



Software Resources

EDU Insights: Unpacking the hype of generative AI

Lenovo leaders explore the potential of generative AI in education. We asked three Lenovo Education leaders to weigh in on the topic.

Can cloud-client computing rescue hybrid work?

As companies settle into the new hybrid work paradigm, there are still more opportunities to unlock, including for securing and managing remote endpoints.

Is your financial institution future-ready?

Lenovo and IGEL outline a modern endpoint strategy to help financial institutions address current and future key challenges.

Five easy ways IT teams can use ThinkSmart Manager

ThinkSmart Manager enables IT teams to manage devices remotely from a single dashboard, anywhere in the world. 

Enhance security with Lenovo ThinkShield

Lenovo ThinkShield for ThinkSmart provides reliable conferencing solutions with security baked in to defend your business.



Who we are

As an end-to-end technology solutions provider, we serve as a trusted partner in solving unique customer needs worldwide. Whether it's supporting hybrid work environments, enabling smart homes, empowering small and medium-sized businesses, revolutionizing AI gaming experiences, or enhancing digital learning, Lenovo Cloud and Software's portfolio of innovative solutions empower our customers to thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape.  To drive our digital transformation at Lenovo, we created a cloud developer platform that focuses on innovation first - getting products to market faster, better and smarter. Our cloud developer platform is designed to help developers innovate, integrate and extend applications with agility and flexibility by using a set of reusable core services and providing a community where developers can interact. The portfolio of pre-existing services can eliminate weeks of work on a development project, allowing organizations to reallocate resources to focus on value generating differentiators.



"The world has undergone a transition that has accelerated digital transformation across all segments. In today's digital-first world, we recognize the critical role of cloud and software solutions in delivering smarter technology for all. At Lenovo, our unwavering commitment to innovation ensures that we remain at the forefront of technological advancements, enabling us to provide solutions that empower our customers."

Igor Bergman
VP Lenovo Cloud and Software


Featured Lenovo Cloud and Software products




Lenovo Vantage 

Safeguarding your data and device has never been easier with Lenovo Vantage. This powerful software provides automatic updates and essential tools that keep your device running at its maximum potential. With Lenovo Vantage, you can monitor and improve your battery life, ensuring that you stay connected and productive throughout the day. Additionally, the software's comprehensive security features help protect your valuable data from cyber threats, giving you peace of mind while you work or play.



Lenovo ThinkShield 

Lenovo ThinkShield can do it all. Security for your devices beyond hardware. Guard your data from anywhere and everywhere. From silicon to software, hardware to cloud your fortress starts here.



Lenovo ThinkSmart Manager

Give your IT department some time back with ThinkSmart Manager, the official manageability console for your fleet of ThinkSmart office devices. IT can stop putting out fires by streamlining their management of every ThinkSmart device across the enterprise - remotely deploying, configuring, protecting, and auto-updating agent software on each one with ease.



Lenovo Device Manager

Robust. Quick. Safe. While using Lenovo Device manager you'll receive device details and health status reporting, plus, fast deployment of software and add-on services. Easy to navigate and secure on all devices. Access insights on device connectivity, hardware asset changes, battery levels, storage, driver updates and more.



Lenovo | Dropbox Cloud Storage

From photos to videos, your treasured memories are protected through automatic syncing, backup and password management across all your devices. Get your free 90 day trial today.



Lenovo EDU

With 20 years of education technology leadership and highly skilled experts focused on providing secure and simplified learning environments for educators and IT. Lenovo education can help provide the foundation students need to thrive.



Lenovo for gaming

Take your gamer skills to the next level with Lenovo's Legion Arena, the ultimate gaming hub. Sync with popular stores and game platforms to access your gaming library.



Lenovo Identity Advisor

Discover a safer, smarter way to protect your digital identity. Integrated with Lenovo Vantage, Lenovo Identity Advisor operates in the background to help keep you safe online.


Learn more about the variety of software we offer

Our experts are ready to provide you with recommendations on the best software options for you.


What's happening in the world of software?

The Importance of Human Touch in AI Innovation

By Daniel Gutierrez (August 15, 2022 insideBIGDATA)

"IT administrators, gamers, students and individual device owners can have not only an optimized and secure device using AI to automate much of the manual labor, but a personalized experience because it's them, the human, that will choose the best options for their own devices." Igor Bergman, VP Lenovo Cloud and Software

Read More

Keeping Students safe in an increasingly digital world

By Coby Gurr (April 12, 2022 Security Info Watch)

How to consider IT issues when selecting a saftey and filter solution for schools.

Read More

5 Best Practices for Software Development in the Hybrid Workplace

By Igor Bergman (July 12, 2022 DevOps)

"Over the years, software teams have gradually become more dispersed as technology advancements facilitated hybrid work and allowed teams to collaborate, create and innovate remotely."

Read More


Simplify how you work using Google Workspace

For teams of all sizes to help connect, collaborate and create.

Learn More



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Explore multi-license deals and exclusive offers and pricing with Lenovo Pro.

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