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Secure connected systems, patient data privacy, provider device management and more - find healthcare solutions that meet your needs with Lenovo Cloud & Software.


Security, privacy and compliance are of critical importance for your healthcare organization. Learn more about Lenovo’s security software solutions to meet each of your unique needs. 

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Secure patient data and cloud-connected workspaces with IGEL 

Purpose-built for the cloud, IGEL endpoint operating system and management solutions are tailored for healthcare organizations. Together, Lenovo and IGEL offer highly secure access to healthcare applications, embedded support for single sign-on, secure roaming and data protection, while also giving users an easy-to-use workspace.

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Managing your Lenovo devices just got a whole lot easier

Lenovo Device Manager makes it easy to monitor and manage the health of your devices with its end-point management solution. Cloud-based, zero-touch deployment makes it simple to update your device fleet with one software solution. 

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Upgrade your smart office tools 

With Lenovo ThinkSmart Manager, IT teams across the healthcare industry can monitor and update Lenovo ThinkSmart collaboration smart office devices to provide employees with seamless and secure workplace collaboration.   

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