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Lenovo Device Manager

Manage your fleet with Lenovo's flexible, scalable, end-point and app management solution. Cloud-based, zero-touch, quick deployment.


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Manage and configure

Connect and configure policies across the organization or to specific devices to maintain compliance across your network.

Optimize and improve

Easily leverage device health data and alerts to ensure each device in your fleet is online and fuctioning optimally.

Monitor and deploy

Access insights on device connectivity, hardware asset changes, battery levels, storage, driver updates and more.

Connect and support

Provide direct support for Intel vPro devices with Remote BIOS and Desktop Management tools to ensure corporate policy compliance.





The LDM Advantage

Robust. Quick. Safe. With Lenovo Device Manager you'll receive device details and health status reporting. Fast deployment of software and add-on services. Plus, it's easy to navigate and secure on all devices.



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