Protection at every layer

Lenovo ThinkShield provides security beyond hardware. Guard your data, everywhere. 

Supply chain assurance

This layer secures the manufacturing supply chain by vetting suppliers, components, and processes.

51% increase of supply chain attacks have occured since 2021.

Below-the-operating system

Lenovo ThinkShield’s built-in adaptable security solutions are engineered to protect sensitive data.

83% of businesses experienced firmware attacks in the last two years.

Operating system-to-cloud

Lenovo ThinkShield’s Operating System to Cloud layer offers endpoint security protection and management.

70% of IT staff time is dedicated to maintenance and support.

OS protection

✔ Prevent unauthorized access

✔ Stop ransomware

✔ Hide and encrypt data

Below the OS

✔ Complete asset visibility

✔ Risk scoring

✔ Policy enforcement

Supply Chain

✔ Scalable zero trust

✔ Supply chain assurance

✔ Continuous integrity monitoring

IT risk management

✔ Evidence for competing 

✔ Simplicity and speed

✔ Expertise and resource-friendly


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