Providing customers the most secure, productive and cost effective digital workspace for employees, regardless of where they work.


Highly secure

Elevate your organization’s defense with IGEL OS, engineered to shield against the evolving cyber threats facing modern enterprises. IGELs robust Preventative Security Model is the cornerstone of any Zero Trust architecture, designed to secure sensitive information and support compliance goals, delivering peace of mind across all endpoints.

Empowered flexibility

Enhance your workforce’s capabilities with IGEL, providing seamless access to digital workspaces regardless of location or delivery platform. Embrace the agility of a modern solution built for a distributed world, ensuring every employee experience is secure, consistent, and tailored to support productivity and collaboration.

Streamlined management

IGEL simplifies endpoint management by providing a unified, secure platform for streamlined deployment, centralized control, and efficient maintenance across diverse devices, reducing complexity and operational costs.

Healthcare and IGEL

In healthcare, better user productivity translates to better patient care. That's why we've spent decades perfecting our OS and why we're continually integrating the technologies that are critical to healthcare professionals. From fully integrated support for single sign-on to secure roaming and data protection, we believe in giving healthcare users a familar, secure, and trouble-free environment. 

Education and IGEL

As educational institutions cater to diverse users such as students, researchers, teachers, and administrators, optimizing virtual environments that support mulitple users on shared devices is imperative while keeping IT costs and complexities at bay. IGEL offers a cutting-edge OS that enhances endpoint security and extends the life of existing endpoints. Furthermore, it supports various virtual desktop solutions like Citrix, VMware, Amazon, and Windows Virtual Desktops. 

Finance and IGEL

In the financial sector, security is of utmost importance, and an ongoing priority. It is imperative to safeguard customer data to comply with regulations and maintain operational efficiency, which can be achieved through high availablity and performance. IGEL facilitates a tailored solution for banking, legal, and financial services with the ability to standardize, centralize and streamline endpoints across all branches. Consequently, users enjoy a secure, familiar, and seamless experience, while enhancing IT efficiency. 

Retail and IGEL

In order to remain competitive in the retail industry, it is important to continuously streamline operations. That's where IGEL comes in, offering solutions to help retailers optimize their point of service and operational environments. With IGEL OS, customer information is safeguarded, and activity at the point of service is enhanced and controlled. IGEL's solutions also provide support for multiple languages, a company-wide view of operations for management, and easy creation and assignment of user profiles by IT according to location.



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