Churchill & Harriman

Leverage our Security Risk Assessment© to increase security efficacy in your organization.

Validation for competing

Our Security Risk Assessment© provides businesses with the evidence needed to position themselves as credible, secure partners.

Simplicity and speed

Use results from our Security Risk Assessment© to quickly access empirical evidence of gaps and how to fill them with Lenovo ThinkShield solutions.

Actionable results

With our Security Risk Assessment©, customers receive actionable results that are easy to analyze, and require no prior cybersecurity experience.

Know your security posture

Obtain empirical evidence of compliance or non-compliance in 17 essential NIST-based cybersecuirty practices, allowing teams to make data-driven decisions. 

Access helpful insights

Receive a comprehensive report that includes in-depth expert analysis and recommendations for addressing gaps in security portfolios and managed security services.

Protect your revenue and reputation 

Enhance your security posture, data protection and threat mitigation. Stay ahead of ever-evolving regulatory changes, ensuring a reputation for good cyber hygiene in the market and preventing reputational damage from a cyber breach.



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