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What is Intel Unison?

Bridging the Gap Between PC and Smartphone

In today's interconnected world, our computing and communication devices play a big role in daily life. Whether we’re working, gaming, streaming movies, or chatting with friends, we find ourselves switching from our laptop to our smartphone and back, again and again—and wishing for a seamless connection between the two. Fortunately, Intel® has a solution: Intel® Unison™.

Intel Unison is an innovative software solution that brings together your PC, phone, and related devices in a single, integrated experience. No more reaching for your smartphone to learn who sent a text message. No more emailing files—to yourself!—to move them from one device to another. With the convenience of Intel Unison, your full digital life can be connected like never before.

More from Intel

Intel Unison is compatible with all the major smartphone models, runs on any Windows 11-based PC (laptop or desktop) that meets the minimum requirements, and can be downloaded from the Windows, Android, and iOS app stores. In fact, it may already be present on your system—just go to the Start menu and type “Intel Unison.” It comes pre-installed on most laptops built on Intel’s powerful Intel® Evo™ platform, and the company plans to build it into additional Intel-powered devices in the future.

Connect with Intel Unison

Intel® Unison™ software is designed to bridge the gap between our take-everywhere smartphones and more standard computing devices such as desktop PCs, laptops, and so on. Not sure you need this kind of connection? Just think about the ways our smartphones and other devices are NOT typically linked:

  • Important text messages arrive on your smartphone—while you’re working on your laptop
  • You edit photos on your desktop PC, but the raw image you need is stored on your phone
  • Your phone (and contact list) is in another room, but you want to quickly start a PC video call

For these and many other situations, Intel Unison is the solution. It acts as a unified interface to integrate and synchronize your most important smartphone functions with those on your Intel-powered laptop or desktop PC.

Think you’re a fast multi-tasker now? Imagine what you can do when your computer and smartphone start behaving like a single, interconnected, virtual system. It’s possible with Intel Unison.

Intel Unison software features

If moving from laptop to smartphone and back again—over and over—is limiting your productivity (or fun), it’s time for a change. Specifically, it’s time for Intel® Unison™, a software solution that lets you integrate your Windows-based laptop or desktop PC with your Android, iOS, or Windows smartphone.

Easier text message-reading. Direct file transfer. Shared contact lists. It’s all possible. With Intel Unison, incoming smartphone text messages can be read directly on your laptop and files can be moved from device to device instantly. The list goes on.

To appreciate the genius behind Intel Unison, let’s dig into its core features:

  • Seamless, Secure Connectivity

    Intel Unison offers a smooth connection between your laptop and smartphone. Whether you use Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or direct cable connection, your devices quickly link together. And since the software incorporates state-of-the-art encryption and authentication, your photos and other data stay secure and private.

  • Full Contact List Access

    Call any of your smartphone contacts directly from your laptop or desktop PC with just a couple of clicks. Intel Unison gives you full access to your contact list, so you can stay in the flow, even when you’re working (or gaming). Everyone’s still at your fingertips, from your spouse to the babysitter to the guy who mows your lawn.

  • Drag-and-Drop File Sharing

    With Intel Unison, transferring files between devices is easy—with no need for thumb drives or cloud uploads. Your smartphone and PC are virtually connected, so you need only to drag and drop the files you’re sharing. You can even synchronize folders, auto-backup essential files, and edit documents across your devices.

  • Integrated Notifications

    Intel Unison can make all smartphone notifications (calls, text messages, app alerts, etc.) appear directly on your laptop screen or desktop monitor. All communication channels, including emails, SMS, calls, and app notifications, converge at one point. You can text replies and accept/decline calls without ever touching your other device.

This list focuses on laptops. But remember that Unison works on many Intel processor-powered desktop PCs, too.

A Perfect Match—Intel Unison & Intel Evo laptops

Intel® Unison™ software works on compatible Windows 11-based PCs—desktops or laptops. You can download it from the Android, Windows, or iOS app stores, which will list the system requirements. However, the easiest way to start benefitting from the Unison’s amazing smartphone-PC integration may be to buy a laptop built on the Intel® Evo™ platform.

What is the Intel Evo platform?

The Intel® Evo™ platform is an Intel-defined set of hardware components and performance specifications for laptops built by popular manufacturers like Lenovo. Laptops with the Intel Evo badge are designed to be powerful, highly responsive, and easily portable.

At minimum, Evo-verified systems must run on 11th generation (or higher) Intel® Core™ processors, use powerful Intel® Iris® Xe or Intel® Iris® Xe MAX graphics, and include a long list of high-end storge, networking and other components. They also must meet strict standards (called “key experience indicators” or KEIs) for speed, battery life, and so on:

  • Consistent responsiveness while on battery power1
  • Fast wake-from-sleep: Under 1 second
  • "Real world" battery life: 9+ hours2
  • Fast charging: 4-hour charge in under 30 minutes3

Best of all, the Evo platform KEIs aim to measure system performance in "real-world" conditions. Their tests don’t rely on perfect laboratory environments—which everyday laptop users can’t ever achieve.

Intel Evo platform & Intel Unison

There’s good reason Intel® Unison™ comes preloaded in many Intel® Evo™ platform laptops. The two technologies “play together” well—amplifying the user experience in some unexpected ways. Here are some examples of how the smartphone integration software and laptop platform work in tandem:

  • Optimized performance: Intel Unison benefits from the rapid processing speeds and superior responsiveness of Intel Evo laptops. Tasks such as smartphone screen mirroring, file transfers, and app execution are smooth and virtually lag-free.
  • Power efficiency: Intel Evo's optimized power management is a boon for Intel Unison users. Even when using smartphone functions, laptop battery consumption remains minimal—so you can stay unplugged longer.
  • Advanced connectivity: Platform rules are updated frequently, and all Intel Evo laptops must offer best-in-class Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals. This means two-way connections with your smartphone are always fast and steady.
  • Security enhancements: All Intel Evo laptops must feature built-in, hardware-based security. This added layer helps ensure that all user data—be it on your laptop or your smartphone—remans protected.

As you can see, there’s a deep connection between an Intel Evo platform laptop and an Intel Unison-connected smartphone. It’s seamless integration that brings together your two most important tech devices for a state-of-the-art computing experience.

Lenovo laptops with Intel Evo verification

Lenovo has introduced the Intel® Evo™ platform—and with it, Intel® Unison™ smartphone integration software—in a wide range of our most popular home and business laptops. Look for impressive, Evo-verified, real-world-performance laptops in each of these popular Lenovo brands:

Check the specifications of any Evo-based laptop you’re considering to learn if Intel Unison is already preloaded. Even if it isn’t, you should still be able to download and install it on your Evo-powered laptop or select other laptops and desktops running Windows 11.

Extended Benefits of Intel Unison: Beyond the Basics

Intel Unison’s advantages extend beyond simple device integration features. Because of the way it brings your two most important tech devices together, it redefines the smartphone/PC user experience:

  • Workspace unification: If you use specialized apps on your phone, Intel Unison helps integrate them into your regular workflow, boosting productivity.
  • Amplified entertainment: Use Intel Unison to enjoy your phone's media content (movies, playlists, etc.) on a bigger screen without transferring files.
  • Learning & customization: The more you use Intel Unison, the better it gets. It uses AI to track your usage to prioritize apps, customize interfaces, and more.

With Intel Unison, devices like laptops and smartphones no longer have to work in isolation. They can complement and enhance each other’s capabilities. And as each of us brings more tech devices into our lives, it’s a synchronization that will only grow more important.

1 Measured speed of premium Windows OS-based design while performing 25 workflows predictive of performance under a typical-use environment comprising multiple cloud-based and local apps and web pages including Google Chrome, Google G-Suite, Microsoft Office 365, YouTube and Zoom. Testing as of August 2020 conducted on laptops on DC battery ≥30%, connected to 802.11 wireless, and with shipped hardware configurations including Windows 10 and 250-nit screen brightness.

2 Time taken to drain from 100% to critical battery level while performing workflows under a typical-use environment, comprising multiple cloud-based and local apps and web pages including Google Chrome, Google G-Suite, Microsoft Office 365, YouTube and Zoom. Testing as of August 2020 conducted on laptops connected to 802.11 wireless, and with shipped hardware configurations including Windows 10 and 250-nit screen brightness.

3 Minimum charge attained in 30-minute window while powered off from OEM-default shutdown level. Performance varies by use, configuration, and other factors.  Testing as of August 2020.

Intel, the Intel logo, Intel Evo, Intel Core, and Intel Unison are trademarks of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries.

NOTE: Earlier “Intel Technology” articles include Intel Optane Memory, Skylake, and What is Intel RealSense?

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