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Computer Accessory Bundles

Shop Lenovo computer accessory bundles to quickly and easily complete your gaming or workspace. Bundle and save on keyboard, mouse, monitor, headset, and more packages at Lenovo today!

Improve your game with the perfect combination of mouse, keyboard, headset, monitor and more!

Smarten up your desk space with accessories that will improve your work.

Find accessories to your home set up so the learning never stops.

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Featured Products

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Lenovo Convenience Bundles

Instead of buying computer accessories separately, what if you could buy an appropriate bundle that contains everything you need? It's definitely more convenient than buying everything separately.

Lenovo Convenience Bundles are ideal for people who want to lessen the hassle and shop for everything they need at once. We have gaming bundles for hardcore gamers who want the perfect blend of an ergonomic mouse, keyboard, monitor, and more.

Likewise, our work from home bundles are perfect for home-based business owners and workers. You can also find bundles for 2 in 1 laptops and convertibles, so you have everything you need for a laptop or tablet. We also have bundles for students who want to learn on the go, or be class-ready at all times.

Consider these bundles the next time you're shopping for computer accessories.

What's Included?

Lenovo Convenience bundles contain a wide assortment of accessories, ranging from headphones to laptops.

You can guess the constituents of a bundle through its name in most cases, such as the Corsair keyboard and mouse bundle or the laptop and printer bundle.

The most notable components of our bundles are:

Keyboard: All types of users have different keyboard needs. For instance, gamers will consider it a must that the keyboard is durable. They'll also want a gaming keyboard with shortcuts. Meanwhile, students will want a keyboard that's suitable for typing.

Mouse: Most users need the mouse to have the right grip, specific buttons, or be ergonomic. Almost all our bundles have a mouse because it's definitely a necessity for laptop users.

Headphones: The noise-cancellation feature of headphones is usually helpful for concentrating on your work or workout regimen.

Bag: Some of our bundles also come with bags that fit your laptop.

Laptop Stand: Whether you work from home or your office desk, a laptop stand is necessary to reduce strain on your eyes and back. Plus, it keeps your laptop at a comfortable level for easy viewing.

Other accessories: Our bundles also have other components such as adapters, mice pads, and cleaning kits.

It's common for people to find it difficult to choose the right accessories because of the many options out there. To make this process easier for you, we have made different bundles based on your individual needs.

Benefits of Lenovo Convenience Bundles

If you're not a huge fan of spending hours shopping online or in-store, you'll be quick to see the benefit of our Convenience Bundles. Aside from convenience, our bundles also have the following benefits:

Expert-Curated: Experts at Lenovo know which accessories and computers different types of users will need. That's why we have put them all together in the same bundle. If you had to do the research yourself, it would take you hours. But with Lenovo Convenience Bundles, you can get everything you need in one whole package.

Lenovo Quality: Lenovo's accessories are made to be compatible with our computers. If you're looking for brand-certified, don't look any further than Lenovo Convenience Bundles. This way, you won't have to worry about whether your accessories will work or not.

Budget-Friendly: If you were planning on buying all of your accessories separately, you'd be spending far more than if you bought a whole bundle. And with our bundles, you get a discounted price for adding everything together instead of buying them separately.

Top Quality: Lenovo bundles contain high-quality accessories that are durable yet cost-effective. You can enjoy using your new hardware for many years without having to buy more.

Best Lenovo Convenience Bundles

As already mentioned, Lenovo has a number of different bundles for every type of user. Here are some of our most coveted convenience bundles.

Gaming Bundle

The gaming keyboard and mouse bundle is ideal for gamers who want the best gaming experience. It comes with a mouse and keyboard that can give you an edge over your opponents, whether it's in first-person shooters or real-time strategy games.

The keyboard's keystroke gives it deep tactile feedback, which can help you type faster than ever before. Another benefit of the gaming keyboard and mouse bundle is that you get both accessories together, preparing you for single or multi-player gaming.

You can also find an armored backpack and monitor in the gaming keyboard bundle, which lets you gear up and play on the go.

Work from Home Bundle

The work from home bundle is ideal for entrepreneurs and workers who need a laptop that can double as a tablet. In fact, it has everything you'll ever need to bring your 2 in 1 laptop or convertible to work with you.

Like the gaming keyboard bundle, our keyboard and mouse bundle for at-home workers contains a keyboard with deep tactile feedback. This keeps your typing accurate and quick, no matter what you're doing.

The mouse that comes with this bundle is one of the most comfortable ones around, too. If you've used other mice before, it's unlike anything you've ever found in an office supply store.

It can work on almost any surface and has an ergonomic design, which provides comfort for extended use.

For at-home workers and business owners, we also have a laptop printer bundle, which contains an all-in-one printer that can reduce color printing costs.

All of our bundles are described on Lenovo's site, so you know exactly what comes with each bundle. For instance, the laptop printer bundle description will show you what else comes in the bundle.

If you're looking for different bundles to suit your needs, our selection is worth checking out.

Student Bundle

Our laptop with Microsoft Office bundle is perfect for students since it has all the programs students need to prepare presentations, take notes, or create assignments.

Our student bundle laptops have dust-resistant designs and long battery lives for extreme durability and reliability on the go. The laptop with Microsoft Office bundle can also be used by office workers.

Travel Bundle

The keyboard and mouse bundle or the travel bundle is suitable for frequent travelers who need to bring their laptops with them everywhere. Our travel laptop bundles are also perfect for busy office workers who travel often for business.

The keyboard in the travel bundle features an adjustable backlight, which you can use to work in dark environments where visibility is poor.

If you're looking for a way to pack everything you need into one bag, we have a bundle that is the ideal pick.

Designer Bundle

If you're a creative, the designer bundle will satisfy your needs.

Our designer bundles contain high-resolution screens that let you see every subtlety of your work, whether it's in color or black and white. The tiles can also be customized to suit your personal preferences.

For the best experience, just combine a large screen with a wide viewing angle with a touch display. Designer bundles also contain laptop stands since ergonomics are paramount for working comfortably.

The best thing about our bundles is that we've hand-picked accessories based on what your possible needs could be. For instance, we're aware that designers need a monitor for a comprehensive view of the project they're working on, along with a mouse and keyboard for seamless navigation.

Yoga/Workout Bundle

Lenovo also has workout or yoga bundles that contain a sleeve for carrying your laptop, a mouse to navigate through your playlist, and noise-cancellation headphones to keep your focus on exercise.

These bundles have a durable design, so you can easily take it along for an outdoor workout.

How to Choose the Best Lenovo Convenience Bundle?

At Lenovo, we offer several laptop bundle deals. So, how do you choose the best one? Should you opt for the Logitech mk540 advanced wireless keyboard and mouse bundle black or the laptop with docking station bundle?

When you're looking through our laptop bundle deals, it can be hard to make a decision. But here are some factors that can help you decide.

Intended Use: How do you intend to use the bundle? Do you want it for work or leisure? For instance, laptop with docking station bundle is useful for business owners who want to use their laptop as a desktop computer. Meanwhile, the Logitech mk540 advanced wireless keyboard and mouse bundle black is suitable for both students and at-home workers.

Comfort: Our computing accessories bundle includes a mouse and keyboard to make it easier for you to type and navigate through your screen. The notebook docking station bundle is also great because it has multiple ports that connect peripherals such as a monitor or printer. Some bundles will be more comfortable than others because of the accessories they contain. You should base your decision on your ergonomic needs.

Budget: The more items a bundle has, the more expensive it can be. For instance, the laptop and printer bundle will be costlier than the Corsair keyboard and mouse bundle. Depending on your intended use, you can decide which accessories you need. Then, you can check our laptop bundle deals to find the one that has your desired accessories and falls within your budget too.

At Lenovo, we carry laptop bundles that are suited for different laptops and working preferences. You can shop for these bundles online.

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