Top 20 Intel Xeon Laptop Deals 2021

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Intel® Xeon® laptops from Lenovo: Top performance for mission-critical work

An Intel® Xeon® laptop isn't for everyone. But those who value Xeon® laptops -- that is, laptops powered by advanced Intel® Xeon® processors -- do so for good reason. With high core counts, fast operating frequencies and support for Error Correcting Code (ECC) memory, Xeon CPUs run some of today's best servers, PCs and laptops. They’re especially prized for work that involves highly sensitive, mission-critical calculations and applications.

Lenovo offers Xeon processors in several of our high performance ThinkPad laptops. You get a top-rated CPU in an easily portable device with great graphics and display options. There's also super-fast Wi-Fi and security features such as discrete Trusted Platform Module (dTPM) encryption and the ThinkShutter camera cover.

To help you shop, we've dedicated this page to Xeon® laptops from Lenovo. Take a look. It's not much of an exaggeration to say these Intel® laptops can "do it all."

When mistakes cost time and money: Intel Xeon laptops from Lenovo

Let's face it. Some tasks are less affected by errors than others. If there's a typo in a business letter, it's easy to identify and fix. But what if the mistake is hidden in the tiniest pieces of system memory? What if a bit that's supposed to be a "1" ends up as a "0" instead? Such errors (called bit-flips or soft memory errors) can be almost impossible for humans to catch -- yet their impact on a software program's results can be enormous.

This is where the Intel Xeon CPU's support for ECC memory is so important. Bit-flips can be countered using specialized ECC RAM modules with extra DRAM chips that prevent such errors, but ECC RAM can't work without help from the processor's memory controller. Intel exposes (turns on) this ECC memory support on its Xeon® processors, making a Xeon® laptop an ideal choice for scientific and financial work where small errors could create outsized problems.

Lenovo’s workstation line is dominated by Intel laptops, with additional models running on the company’s competing high-performance CPU line, the Intel® Core® i series. Like Xeon, the best Core® i processors have high core counts, fast speeds and big caches, along with overclocking that isn't offered on Xeon. In fact, many users prefer Core i workstations, which generally cost less than Xeon models.

Still, a Xeon laptop -- in addition to providing raw power and performance -- can greatly minimize soft data errors that corrupt results and cause unexpected, work-eating system shutdowns. If you're designing bridges, projecting illness rates or figuring complex actuarial tables -- or just want a more crash-limiting laptop in general -- be sure to consider a Lenovo mobile workstation with a Xeon CPU.

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