Lenovo System Update

Simple, secure, automated system updates.


Lenovo System Update helps modernize your IT

Deliver automated, rules-driven, proactive IT support

Simplify keeping endpoints protected and up-to-date

Minimize expensive user and device downtime

Lenovo System Update automates the timely and complicated task of keeping systems patched. IT maintains control through policy and local updates, choosing how and when the automation runs.


How can Lenovo System Update help us work smarter?

Lenovo System Update automates patch and update management with a light local client that intelligently identifies and locates necessary updates.

How does it keep your business protected?

Lenovo System Update automates system, BIOS, and firmware downloads, ensuring devices remain up-to-date and protected against emerging threats.

  • Lenovo System Update is a small Win32 application that can be preinstalled at the factory as part of a custom image or downloaded by IT.
  • When launched, Lenovo System Update checks your local repository or Lenovo‚Äôs support site for updates. This location is configurable by IT.

How does System Update compare to other Lenovo Deployment Solutions?

The difference between System Update and Lenovo Vantage

  • Lenovo Vantage is a Windows 10 app comprised of hardware optimization and update management functions. Lenovo System Update is purpose-built for the device update process. Both are offered free of cost.
  • Looking to enable high-end hardware configuration as well as automated system updates? Vantage does both.
  • Only interested in automating and simplifying endpoint driver and BIOS updates? System Update is purpose-built for precisely this task.

Start using Lenovo System Update today.

Reduce complexity and risk through automated driver and BIOS updates. Simplify IT control to manage update behavior, timing, and source location.