Tech Refresh Sale

End of Year Budget Spending the Right Way

As small businesses approach their fiscal year ends, times can be stressful. If your budget hasn’t yet been spent through, the scramble to use those precious funds to support your business in the right way can be hectic.

Enter LenovoPRO, your source for the advice and tech you’ll need to lift your business for years to come. At LenovoPRO, businesses always save more, starting with a FREE membership! And once signed up, you can reach out to a tech expert or small business adviser for prudent ideas around how to spend your year-end budget in time.

Maybe it’s time to upgrade your workforce’s business laptops with new and refreshed models that will enable more productivity throughout their day. Maybe it’s time to consider a new server deployment on the premises of your small business. Or maybe it’s just time to add a bit of elevated comfort to your workspace with new and comfy office chairs.

However you end up utilizing your year-end budget, Lenovo will take the time to help you make a more informed choice that will benefit your small business’s growth in the long run.

Cost Savings Ideas for Small Businesses

It’s no secret that growing a startup into a small business, and further on to an industry-conquering corporation takes help. And LenovoPRO has just the help you need to transform your sputtering engine into a purring first place finisher.

With your free LenovoPRO membership, you’ll unlock 1:1 access to our Small Business Specialists, who are always on-hand to advise your business in times of need. Our specialists can help advise you where to make the best use of your funds, and they’ll help remove the stress from those final days running up to those funds potentially disappearing.

So, talk to a LenovoPRO specialist to get the advice you need on how to best utilize those year-end funds so that you’re spending them more wisely each year, and maximizing the benefit of what budget you have left.

Lenovo’s Annual Tech Refresh Sale

Around the end of each fiscal year, Lenovo and LenovoPRO supports small business even further with special small business deals and savings on the latest business laptops, desktops, workstations, servers and accessories that you could dream of deploying throughout your business.

Small business growth requires small business support, and perhaps even more, reasoned use of funds. The latest tech can help push your company ahead of the pack, and Lenovo has the small business savings to ensure you’re not overspending. So, check back each fiscal year-end, and get the best deals to date on the tech you’ll need to grow your business into the next fiscal year and beyond, all during the Lenovo Tech Refresh Sale.

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