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Smart Home Devices

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Smart Home Essentials

Equip your home with 21st century convenience and intelligence. Get the best smart home devices from top brands direct from Lenovo.

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Smart homes are more livable and easy to manage than ordinary ones. By updating your home with automated appliances and devices, you can control your house system from every corner through a stable internet connection.

As we move further toward digitalization, you can now easily find several cool smart home devices, including smart clocks, bulbs, plugs, smoke detectors, cameras, and locks, literally everything you can think of!

So, if you're on a smart home devices search, our wide category has got them all. Browse through our collection now and add a modish touch to your home.

What Are the Must-Have Smart Home Devices?

With so many smart home devices available, it's pretty challenging to bring the essential ones. Of course, if you're just starting, you need to get the must have smart home devices first and then move toward buying the luxurious ones — because why not? 

So, here are six smart home essentials to help you get started:

Smart Bulbs: Creating a smart lighting system in your home enables you to control bulbs and lights remotely instead of finding and flipping switches all the time. With smart bulbs installed in your home, you can put them on a schedule or trigger them through sensors, cameras, or other smart devices.

You'll never have to enter a dark room and stumble upon anything lying on the floor. The good thing about smart bulbs is that you don't have to go through the proper wiring procedure. Instead, you just have to use your fingers to install these bulbs in your home without requiring screwdrivers or breakers. 

What's even more interesting is that these bulbs also offer you a range of colors, including warm, cool, and white light. So, you can adjust the light intensity according to your mood and relax after a long tiring day. Apart from Wi-Fi, smart bulbs can also be managed via voice control and Bluetooth.

Smart Plugs: Smart plugs are the easiest and most portable gadgets to charge your electronic device anytime, anywhere. If you have an empty outlet and a smartphone, you can opt for a smart plug to control, automate, and schedule any electronic device.

These are small, rectangular-sized, cool smart home devices that you can easily put into smaller spaces behind furniture, over the refrigerator, or above the kitchen counter. 

All you have to do is connect the smart plug and program your electronic device's turn on and off timings according to your daily routine. You can also use voice commands via smart clock with the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa to control without standing up from your couch every time. 

So, bring smart plugs to your home and turn off your fans, electric toaster, radio, table lamp, TV, or any other appliance that you often forget to do before leaving for work.

Smart Home Security System: If you live in an apartment or a busy neighborhood, you probably see people roaming around your home. Obviously, you can't know who's having malicious intentions for you. Thus, to have peace of mind in such cases, you can install a smart home security system.

A home security system kit comes with several devices, such as door locks, motion sensors, a keypad, and a video doorbell. 

Smart door locks help you control access for anyone, motion sensors identify all types of suspicious movements in or around your house, and video doorbells connect you to your home with live video and audio. Whenever these smart devices detect any suspicious activity, they notify you instantly!

These devices can also be controlled via voice commands, so you can bid farewell to all your fears and focus on your work.

Smart Smoke Detector: If you don't get a smoke detector in your security home kit, you can buy it separately too. A smart smoke detector is a good investment that adds value to your home's security.

In contrast to ordinary detectors, a smart smoke detector notifies you when your home's environment becomes alarming. Even when you're not home, you can receive these alerts on your smartphone to stay aware.

These devices come with a loud alarm, enough to be heard in every corner of your home. You can also test these alarms from your smartphone and turn them on and off with the app. 

The good thing is that these smart devices don't require any sort of hardwiring. Instead, you can opt for a battery-operated smart smoke detector and keep your home safe from anywhere. 

Smart Cameras: Opting for outdoor and indoor security cameras is the best bet to ensure your home security from the inside out. These cameras identify any unexpected visitor or movement around your backyard or home front. 

Smart cameras are usually small, accessible, and easy to install. You also get several options to choose from for your video recordings, such as saving the video at 2K resolution in an internal microSD card or capturing it at 1080p resolution on another device. Not only that, but some smart cameras also allow you to store these videos in the cloud.

If you can't opt for smart cameras for any reason, you can rely on the smart doorbell that usually comes with the home security kit.

So, keep an eye on your backyard, basement, rooftop, and rooms by installing smart cameras at these places from anywhere.

Smart Clock: Smart alarm clocks can be a Holy Grail for you if you struggle with managing your sleep hours. The best smart alarm clock comes with multiple smart features, such as tracking your sleep hours, setting an alarm, and playing your favorite Spotify songs to wake you up. 

Want to hear the best part? You can use your voice to set and turn off your alarm on this best smart clock. 

Many renowned tech brands now offer these handy smart devices, including Amazon and Google. The Google smart clock provides a range of traditional and modern clocks to suit every person's taste.

If you opt for a smart clock with Google Assistant, consider that your life has become most accessible and comfortable. This smart set alarm clock comes with a built-in alarm, nightlight, and smart speakers. Many also feature front-firing speakers for better performance.

If you struggle with finding your alarm clock at night to turn it off, just command your smart clock with the Google Assistant without moving your hands anywhere.

How to Choose the Right Smart Home Essentials?

No matter which cool smart home device got your attention, it's important to consider a few things before purchasing. 

Here are some tips to help you choose the best one for your home:

Establish a Robust Home Internet Connection: An efficient home networking setup ensures the better performance of your smart devices. So, before bringing a smart device to your home, check if your Wi-Fi routers are capable enough for it or not. 

You can either get your network checked by your internet service provider (ISP) or simply check its speed with an app.

Start with the Basics: Yes, smart devices may look tempting, but it's never intelligent to buy all of them at once, even if you can afford them. So, make a list of your "needs" and "wants" and focus on needs first before moving on to the wants.

This way, you'll have an idea to manage and control smart devices. Once you get the hang of them, you can go big.

Choose a Smart Home Hub: If you're tight on your budget, you can just stick with one smart hub and buy compatible devices. Although a majority of smart home devices require an internet connection to work, you also need to focus on one smart hub to save money and bandwidth on your network.

The smart hub connects to your router directly, freeing up Wi-Fi routers to cater to other electronic devices at your home. You may find several hub-compatible smart devices cheaper than the ones enabled with Wi-Fi only.

However, don't just stick with one smart hub. It would be genius to go for smart devices compatible with two hubs. Generally, there are two major platforms: Amazon and Google. So, even if you plan to switch platforms, it won't be much of a problem for you.

Utilize Geofencing: Geofencing refers to tweaking the settings of your smart devices based on your daily schedule. When you leave your home or return, your smart devices turn on and off based on your settings. If you've installed smart thermostats or smoke detectors, Geofencing ensures that your empty house isn't getting heated up.

Name Your Devices: Giving cool, fun names to your smart devices helps you distinguish them when you receive a notification. This way, you don't have to think about which device is acting up every time. This feature also comes in handy for your Google smart clock. The smart speaker also uses these names to enable you to control these devices by voice command. 

Smart home devices are a modern, efficient way to manage your home system. So no matter where you are, you'll always have an eye on your home. Lenovo's smart home essentials collection has all the must-have smart home devices you need. Check them out now!

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