ThinkServer SD350

Lenovo ThinkServer sd350

ThinkServer SD350

High-Density Solution

The Lenovo ThinkServer sd350 is a 2U four-node platform with the following qualities:

  • Ultra-dense hyperconverged platform
  • Easy scalability for SDDC
  • Tiny footprint in distributed enterprise
  • Perfect for infrastructure workloads
  • Tremendous, flexible storage capacity

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  • Features



    • Extreme density (0.5U per server)
    • Incorporates the latest Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 processor v4 series, providing blazing speed with up to 20 cores and 50MB of L3 cache
    • Optimized for Cloud, the sd350 provides capacity for up to 2TB of RDIMM memory per enclosure
    • Fast I/O—including 40Gb FC support, 10GbE, PCIe 3.0 and USB 3.0—adds to overall performance
    • Energy Star 2.0-compliant power supplies, low-voltage RDIMM memory, and energy-efficient processors (85-90W) contribute to lower TCO
    • Plenty of flexible storage capacity, including up to 48TB of SATA storage, 24TB of SAS, 28.8TB of SAS, or 11.5TB of SSD per n400 Enclosure. HDDs and SSDs can be mixed within an enclosure.

    Lenovo ThinkServer sd350

    High-Density Solution

    In this era of the “software-defined” data center, customers are looking for platforms with greater density and easier scalability, along with better economics. Density, to get as much compute power per square foot as possible; scalability to accommodate the tsunami of data created every day; better economics because budgets have been flat forever. Enter the 2U four-node system (2U4N).

    2U4N systems have gained popularity in a variety of data centers, from large enterprises to service providers, because their small footprint and inherent density make them ideal for building solution-based appliances at a low cost. They are also a great fit for distributed enterprises with remote offices because of their compact size and ease of serviceability. The combination of the Lenovo ThinkServer sd350 and n400 Enclosure is built to deliver these types of solutions.

    Optimized for distributed enterprise, hyperconverged and infrastructure solutions, the sd350, using today’s fastest Intel processors, offers the optimal amount of memory and storage to deliver high performance and scalability at a low cost.

    Lenovo Server High Density ThinkServer sd350

    Slim Enclosure

    This dense offering fits four hot-pluggable sd350 servers into an n400 enclosure that takes up only 2U (0.5U per server) and includes room for plenty of internal storage. The overall design makes the solution extremely affordable, with a low total cost of ownership (TCO).

    Lenovo Server High Density ThinkServer sd350 Close Up Front View

    Balanced Performance

    Incorporating the latest technologies, the sd350 offers the new Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 processors v4 series (up to 135W, 20 cores), up to 512GB RDIMM memory, and a choice of solid state drives (SSDs) and 15,000rpm hard disk drives, for blazingly fast performance.

    Fast processing demands fast I/O, so the sd350 also provides three PCIe 3.0 adapter slots, two USB 3.0 ports, and support for 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE). One dual-port 10GbE controller per server equals 80Gbps total throughput per 2U of rack space. Fourteen Data Rate (FDR) 40Gb InfiniBand (ConnectX-3) is also supported.

    Lenovo Server High Density ThinkServer sd350 Rear View

    Storage Optimization

    The n400 enclosure supports up to 24 2.5-inch HDDs or SSDs (6 drives per sd350), which you can mix as needed. There is plenty of flexibility in HDD performance and capacity per n400 enclosure with up to 48TB of internal near-line 7,200rpm SATA, 24TB of 7,200rpm SAS, 28.8TB of 10,000rpm SAS, or 14.4TB of 15,000rpm SAS HDDs.

    With support for up to 11.5TB of enterprise standard SATA SSDs, or 9.6TB of enterprise SAS SSDs as well, storage flexibility and performance skyrockets. Standard software RAID 0/1/10/5, and optional hardware RAID 0/1/10 support increases the reliability/availability of your storage.

    Lenovo Server High Density ThinkServer sd350

    Low TCO

    Four servers in only 2U provide the density and ease of servicing of blade servers, but at a much lower cost because it fits right into an existing rack, unlike blade servers which require a chassis. Also, you can use standard networking architecture such as Lenovo RackSwitches. The sd350 also provides the flexibility to use your preferred operating systems and hypervisors, including multiple versions of Windows 2012 (including Hyper-V), SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, Red Hat Enterprise Linux and VMware.

    A number of standard and optional hardware and software features help reduce operating costs:

    • Two hot-swap redundant power supplies and five redundant fans, combined with the RAID support minimize costly workload downtime.
    • Support for standard System x options (memory, storage, and adapters) enables you to leverage existing parts inventories.
    • Lenovo XClarity Administrator systems management software support (planned for the first half of 2016) to help to reduce management costs.
    • In addition to increasing bandwidth and performance, 1.2V DDR4 memory consumes 35 percent less energy than even 1.35V DDR3L DIMMs. High-efficiency Energy Star 2.0-compliant power supplies reduce energy costs even further.
    • 512GB of RDIMM memory (in 16 DIMM slots), fast processors, and internal storage provide everything you need for public/private Clouds and many other enterprise workloads in half the rack space of 1U servers.

    Lenovo Server High Density ThinkServer sd350
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  • Tech Specs

    Tech Specs

    Form Factor/Height
    0.5U (inside the n400)
    Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2600 v4 series
    Number of Processors
    2 (up to 135W)
    Up to 50MB L3
    Up to 512GB (16 x 8GB/16GB/32GB 2400MHz RDIMMs)
    Chassis Support
    n400 Enclosure
    Expansion Slots
    3 PCIe 3.0
    Network Interface
    1GbE NIC standard (plus 1GbE port for remote management); 10GbE NIC optional
    RAID Support
    SW RAID 0/1/10/5 standard; optional HW RAID 0/1/10
    Systems Management
    Lenovo XClarity management SW; dedicated IPMI 2.0 port for remote (out-of-band) management; xCAT, Lenovo ThinkServer Tools; AMI BIOS; BMC code stack
    Operating Systems Supported
    Windows Server 2012 Standard / Datacenter / Hypervisor Hyper-V / R2 Standard / R2 Datacenter Hypervisor; SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 11 64-bit SP4 / SLES 11 64-bit with Xen SP4 / SLES 12 U1 64-bit / SLES 12 U1 64-bit with Xen; Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6.7 (64-bit) with KVM / RHEL 7.2 (64-bit) with KVM; VMware ESXi 5.5 U3 / 6.0 Update 1
    Limited Warranty
    1-year parts and labor
    Form Factor/Height
    Max. sd350 Servers per n400 Enclosure
    Drive Bays
    Up to 24 (6 per server)
    Maximum Internal Storage (2.5-inch)
    48TB 7,200rpm NL SATA HDDs; 28.8TB 10,000rpm SAS HDDs; 14.4TB 15,000rpm SAS HDDs; 11.5TB enterprise standard SATA SSDs; 9.6TB enterprise SAS SSDs
    Power Supplies
    1 + 1 hot-swap/redundant 1200W or 1600W Platinum level high-efficiency power supply unit
    5 non-hot-swap/redundant fans
    Hot-Swap Components
    sd350 servers, power supply units
    1 to manage fans and power supply units
    Limited Warranty
    1 year parts and labor
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