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Smart Home | Shop Home Automation

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Smart Home

Smart home products from Lenovo


Many aspects of living in the early twenty-first century anticipated by science fiction books and movies in the mid centuries have yet to be realized, from fold-up autos to cities in the sky to overnight flights to Mars, all of which have yet to be realized. So, what do you think is the most important thing they got right?


It's probably remote home automation, a concept that's often summed up with phrases such as "smart home" and "connected house." Those '60s films loved to show people of the future simply speaking commands to play music, open doors, summon help – any number of things. And today, it's mostly come true, thanks to improved home wireless, the proliferation of smartphones, smart speakers, and similar control devices or hubs, and, now, an explosion in handy smart home products.


With the right technology – much of it economical and easy to use – there's virtually no part of a home or apartment you can't activate and control remotely using simple voice commands or automated routines. Fortunately, Lenovo is ahead of the curve when it comes to smart home devices and utilities.


Smart speakers, smart outlets, smart cameras, and more


Like our laptops and desktop PCs, Lenovo’s smart house offerings are in high demand. They’re so popular, in fact, that we’ve dedicated this page exclusively to Lenovo smart home products: *


*Availability varies by country, and not all items may be in stock.


 Smart home hubs, smart speakers, and smart displays:

Control your home and property from anywhere by voice, text, or proximity.


Smart light switches, dimmers, and motion sensors

Illuminate the room as you enter and adjust room lighting as you need to.


Smart outlets and smart lightbulbs

Add "smarts" to any electrical outlet or your favorite lamps, sconces, etc.


Smart thermostats and ambient room controls

Nothing beats smart temperature adjustment if you're the "just right" type.


Smart security cameras, mounts, and power solutions

Set it up anywhere, aim it where you want it, and watch things happen.


Smart door locks, chimes, and camera-equipped doorbells

Who's at the door? Is it locked? Am I safe? Now you'll know.


Take a look. What’s the next room in your house that needs to get “smart?”


 Why Invest in a Smart Home Hub?


It's a question many people are asking as more and more companies are launching intelligent home products. There are numerous advantages to installing these tools, and they provide opportunities for you to boost connectivity in your house as you evaluate the wide range of smart home alternatives available to you. A smart home hub is the base or central location from which most of your management will come. There are lots of options out there in these, such as Google Nest, which works as a hub for Google Home, and Brilliant Smart Home, a company that offers a wide range of smart home-connected devices.

Take a look at a few ways that adding these systems to your home can help enhance its function and make your life a bit easier.


Smart home gym


One of the ways you can add some benefit to your workout is with a smart home gym. This type of system allows you to have a virtual workout at any time, using a connected system that is easy to manage on a routine basis. You can have an on-demand workout whenever you want, depending on the type of system you purchase and use.


Smart home security


Perhaps one of the best reasons to use a smart home system is to improve the level of security you have around your home. Smart home security has redesigned the way that people are able to protect their homes. It provides a way for you to monitor what is happening around your home even when you are not there to do so. For example, some of the best smart home hub systems allow you to connect multiple cameras to the system. You can then turn on the hub or connect to it with your mobile device and see what’s outside of those cameras.


The investment in smart home security systems is an outstanding option for any home because they are less expensive than other systems but can provide a higher level of peace of mind. When you use them, you can link up a variety of security features to them. That includes:


Cameras: Place a camera around the entrances to your home, including by large areas where people can walk up, like the driveway. When the camera senses someone there, it alerts you, allowing you to see instantly who is in that area.


Doorbells: Doorbell cameras are a fantastic way to enhance your home's security. They may allow you just to see who is at your door without opening it up. Or, some systems also allow you to talk to the person there without opening your door. You can easily make the decision to stay safe if you don’t want to open the door.


Window locks: Some systems allow you to add sensors into the windows. When the window is opened, an alarm sounds. This is a good way for you to protect areas that are sensitive such as children's bedrooms or upper floors, that may be able to be reached with a ladder.


Using a system like this can help you pay closer attention to what's happening around your home, including who is coming and going and what they may be doing.


Smart Home Appliances


Many manufacturers are upping the game, giving you access to more of the smart features you want. That includes smart home appliances. What if you could see what’s inside your refrigerator from your mobile phone? Or, you can preheat the oven from your phone on your way home. With the use of a smart home control panel, you may also be able to keep up with things like the home’s thermostat, heating and cooling system, and the overall functionality of your washer and dryer. You can even build in zone control for some areas of your home, allowing you to control the heating and cooling in those areas.


 Simple Tools That Make a Big Difference


There are many types of smart home products to select from, and you should choose as many as you want or would like to use. One of the nice things about these systems is that you can often add to them as you see the need.


For example, you may want to invest in a smart home alarm clock because you want to have more control over your sleep schedule. That is a nice added benefit you can add at any time, giving you a way to monitor your sleep schedule right from your smartphone or the smart home hub itself.

Another way many people are finding smart homes beneficial is as a means to make life a bit easier. For example, smart home light bulbs are an excellent way for you to reduce your energy bill. Instead of forgetting to turn off the lights every day as you run out the door, you can use your mobile device to simply turn them all off. If the light bulbs are connected, they will work in this way.


You can do more with smart home bulbs, too. For example, some change color. You can use them in various appliances to give yourself a different look at the space.


How to Choose a Smart Home Hub


When it comes to creating all of these benefits, the entire process starts with purchasing a smart home hub or the centralized tool that you can use to control every other connected device. Look at a few different systems to determine which one offers you the features you want. You can also look at the various connected devices they offer and ensure that what you need is available.


Most of the time, these systems are easy to set up. They typically link to your home's Wi-Fi connection, making it easy to link them together. Once in place, you will download an app that allows you to control your smart home features from it. You can do that from anywhere. Over time, you can add more options to your smart home as you would like. There may be innovations or new features that become available, too. Because these systems are always connected to the interior, you'll have no problem keeping up with the updates.


Let Us Help You Find What You Need for Your Smart Home


It’s time to start creating the smart home you desire. Lenovo offers some of the best products to make that possible. Check out our comprehensive number of smart home products. Keep in mind our inventory is always changing to keep up with demand. New products are often available, too. If you are ready to start creating a smart home, you'll find what you need here, ready to ship.


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