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Save up to {savingPercent} on tech, enhance business productivity.

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Price Match Guarantee Business Pricing 

Intel Core i3-i5-i7-i9

Lenovo powered by Intel® Core™ processors


Computer deals for small business

With reliable Lenovo tools you can maintain, or even boost, your productivity no matter where you do business. At the office, on the go, or while working at home, Lenovo has the right business tools for you, & great savings to go along with that perfect selection! Plus, Lenovo is making it easier for businesses to get what they need with computer leasing services & computer financing – all as a benefit of joining LenovoPRO for free.

Business laptop deals

Join LenovoPRO for free & reap even more savings than our computer deals alone can offer. With LenovoPRO you’ll enjoy up to an additional 5% savings on select Think PCs, such as one of our ultra-sleek business laptops in the ThinkPad X Series, like the renowned ThinkPad X1 Carbon, an incredibly-light, yet ultra-durable MIL-SPEC laptop. Want something that’s as much for play as for serious business? The X1 Yoga is a 2 in 1 laptop that adapts to any situation & offers a brilliant display for all the entertainment possibilities you’ll consider when a hard day’s work is behind you.

Business desktop deals

Is something a bit more brawny & stationary what you need to round out your home office? Consider a ThinkCentre small form factor desktop PC, all in one desktop PC, or desktop tower. Our SFF & all in one desktops are perfect for those household areas with little space to spare.

Computer accessories

Lastly, don’t forget all the Lenovo tech offers on special! Whether you need a business tablet for mobile business or a big-screen business monitor to ensure you can multitask with ease, Lenovo has you covered. Check out a ThinkVision computer monitor & enjoy a widescreen experience with display offerings ranging from QHD, 4K, UHD, & even some enhanced with HDR!

Business computer financing

Work today. Pay tomorrow. Lenovo’s flexible computer business financing options can help you finance the latest tech. Business laptop finance options can help get premium business tools – like the latest ThinkPad laptops – to you or your employees without delay. Many other PC on finance options are also available!

Lenovo eCoupon codes

Looking for more ways to save? Our Lenovo coupon codes deliver deep discounts on top Lenovo products. Just click ADD TO CART on any product listed with a Lenovo eCoupon and the savings will apply automatically at checkout. Don’t miss these Lenovo promo codes as they may not last!

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Computer deals for business typically cover a wide range of products including desktop computers, laptops, servers, networking equipment, software applications, storage solutions, and peripherals such as printers, scanners, and monitors. Some business computer deals may also include bundled packages that combine multiple products or services to provide a comprehensive solution for businesses. 

Both large and small businesses can benefit from the business computer deals offered by most manufacturers. While some deals may be targeted towards enterprise-level organizations, other sales offer special discounts and packages specifically tailored for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). These deals can help SMBs access the latest technology and software solutions at a more affordable price, enabling them to improve productivity and efficiency. 

Having the best computer for your small business is crucial because it can enhance productivity, streamline tasks, and provide necessary security measures—things every small business needs. A high-performance computer (it’s up to you to decide how much performance you need) can handle multiple tasks efficiently, reducing downtime and increasing productivity. 

Some laptop and PC deals for business may include additional services as part of the package. These services can vary but might include installation support, technical assistance, warranty extensions, or access to specialized business support teams. Such services can be valuable, especially for businesses that may not have a dedicated information technology (IT) department and think they’ll need assistance to set up and maintain their technology infrastructure. 

Computer deals for business occur throughout the year, but certain deals may have specific timeframes. There are promotional campaigns during key shopping seasons, such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or during holidays. These seasonal sales can be a great time to find deals and discounts. But keep an eye out for deals throughout the year, especially special promotions or clearance sales that can offer substantial savings. 

Lenovo offers an array of high-quality desktop computers suitable for businesses. The Lenovo ThinkCentre series, for instance, is known for its robust performance and reliability. Many ThinkCentre models are compact and powerful, making them ideal for office environments with space constraints. For businesses needing more computing power, the Lenovo ThinkStation series delivers high-performance solutions for demanding tasks. These workstations are designed for intensive tasks like graphic design, data analysis, and engineering simulations. Another popular offering, the Lenovo V Series, is a popular choice for many small to medium-sized businesses thanks to the way it balances performance and affordability. 

When choosing a laptop for business, consider factors such as the device's performance, battery life, portability, and durability. Compare each area to the needs of your business and employees—taking into account the type of work you'll be doing, where you’ll be doing it, and so on. For example, if you require high-performance computing, consider laptops with robust processors and ample memory. Or if your work takes you on the road, look for sturdy, lightweight models. 

Computer deals can be highly cost-effective for your IT department, as they offer opportunities to acquire essential hardware and software at reduced prices. These deals can stretch your company budget further, ensuring IT personnel can access the tools and resources they need to maintain and optimize your business's technology infrastructure. 

Data storage and backup solutions are critical for any business, and they’re sometimes included in major business computer sales. Look for computer deals on items like external hard drives, network-attached storage (NAS) devices, or even cloud storage subscriptions. Such deals can help your business gear up to more efficiently manage data, prevent data loss, and more. 

For startup companies with limited capital, computer deals provide an excellent opportunity to acquire essential technology at affordable prices. By minimizing initial investment costs through these deals, your startup can allocate more resources to other crucial areas, such as marketing and product development—which, as you know, sets a strong foundation for growth. 

Bundle deals typically combine multiple products or services at a discounted price. In the context of computer deals for business, this might include computers with pre-installed software, peripherals, or long warranties. Bundle deals can benefit your business by offering cost savings and convenience, as you can acquire all necessary components in a single purchase.  

The computer accessories and related devices you need depend on your specific type of business and your tech requirements. However, common devices and accessories include high-quality monitors for clear visuals and long work hours, ergonomic keyboards and mice for comfort, and reliable printers and scanners for document handling. 

Computer deals can streamline the procurement process for your IT department by providing pre-priced discounts and bundled packages. In addition, partnering with a particular seller or manufacturer may make available exclusive deals that can save your IT team time and effort compared to negotiating individual purchases. 

For companies that rely on data analytics, business computer deals can offer savings on the hardware you need to process and analyze vast datasets efficiently. Look for deals on computers with high-performance processors, ample memory, and fast storage options. Upgrading your data analytics capabilities can lead to data-driven insights that drive better decision-making and business strategies. 

Equipping a remote work force can be a challenge. Fortunately, business computer deals can be a great way to obtain the laptops, webcams, and other remote-work accessories you need at discounted prices. Look for deals on remote collaboration tools and software that help employees in different locations communicate seamlessly. 

Computer deals can be a driving force behind a business's digital transformation by offering discounts on systems and products the business might otherwise not be able to afford. Upgrading to the latest technology through deals can enhance agility, data management, and customer engagement, fostering growth and innovation. 

Computer deals allow growing businesses to scale their operations more cost-efficiently. By acquiring needed technology at discounted prices, businesses can expand their workforce and infrastructure without incurring excessive costs, making growth more manageable. 

Computer deals enable businesses to experiment with new technologies at reduced costs. This fosters innovation and helps keep businesses at the forefront of their industries. And by shopping sales and deals, you can sometimes buy more—or better—devices than you could otherwise. 

Businesses leveraging computer deals can lower their operating costs so they can direct their other resources to innovation, research, development, and so on. This can help a company gain a competitive edge within its industry. 

Yes, business computer deals can be a more affordable way to set up remote offices or branches, where new equipment costs are often substantial. Businesses can take advantage of PC deals and sales to acquire the hardware and software they need for however many locations it might have today or be opening in the future.