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StarTech HDMI Cables

StarTech is a renowned technology manufacturer that was founded in the late 20th century in London. The company specializes in the production of parts that are hard to come by in the information technology as well as the A/V industry. It is a company providing reliable services all around the world.

In all of their product range, here is what you need to know when you are trying to find an HDMI cable that not only gives you a high resolution picture but also high quality. StarTech guarantees their HDMI cables are high quality and deliver crystal clear pictures to your screen and amazing sound to bring life to the picture.

HDMI Cables

High Definition Multimedia Interface is a connection cable that is connected via a port to the desired output device that displays a high-resolution digital video or image, with a sound much like a theatre system. There are various kinds of HDMI cables each designed to feature a video of respective resolution and its particular HDMI specifications.

Types of HDMI Cables

There are different types of HDMI cables that are introduced in the industry. Each is so designed to deliver a video resolution as well as features in the HDMI specifications.

The HDMI connectors are classified into three available sizes. These include

        ▪      Standard which is Type-A connector

        ▪      Mini, the Type C connector, and

        ▪      Micro which is the Type D connector.

Male and Female Connectors

The female connectors are built in both the device acting as a source as well as the receiving device. The female sockets are so designed for the male cable to connect to. In general configurations, a cable that has two male ends is plugged into the two females at the same time. This ultimately gives wired connectivity directly between the source and the receiver.

The male on the other hand is built as fixed components at both ends of commercial HDMI cables. Once the male connector is damaged, the cables render useless. Either you need to change the connector or buy a new cable on the whole.

StarTech HDMI Cables

StarTech offers high-quality cables that promise to save your money in the long run. The company provides its customers a huge collection of HDMI cables to choose from which deliver not only high-definition graphics but also multi-channel audio in only a single connection.

The high-speed HDMI audio and digital video cables are designed by experts with excellent skills. These are constructed with materials of top quality without any compromise. This ensures startech's high-quality definition output performance. Multi-channel digital audio is combined with high bandwidth video into a single cable that provides you an experience your eyes will never forget!

Range of StarTech Cables

Their range includes HDMI cables that

        ▪      Come with a lifetime warranty,

        ▪      Have gold plated connectors,

        ▪      Come in multiple lengths,

        ▪      Abide by the safety code requirements, and

        ▪      Support 4K HD Ultra

Different Styles of StarTech Cables

StarTech's cables come in the following styles,

        ▪      Rotating, angled, or flat for compact spaces

        ▪      Panel mount

        ▪      Thin to make installations flexible

        ▪      High-Speed HDMI with Ethernet

HDMI Cable Specifications

Here are some things you might look for when you are searching for HDMI Cables.

Cable Length

The cables come in various lengths. These include as small as 0.15 meters to as large as 20 meters.

Maximum Resolution

The maximum resolution is either 4K 30Hz which provides a resolution of 1080p and a bandwidth of 10.2 GB/s or 4K 60Hz that provides a bandwidth of 18 GB/s.

Product Family

The StarTech HDMI cable family includes:

        ▪      High-speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet

        ▪      HDMI-to-Mini-HDMI

        ▪      HDMI-to-Micro-HDMI

        ▪      HDMI-to-DVI

        ▪      Flat-HDMI-Cables

        ▪      Panel-Mount-HDMI-Cables

        ▪      Rotating-HDMI

        ▪      HDMI-Splitter

        ▪      Premium-High-Speed-HDMI-Cable

StarTech Products

High-Speed HDMI to HDMI Mini Cables

These HDMI mini cable adaptors allow you to use a standard HDMI cable to connect your portable HDMI devices such as your smartphones and digital cameras to display your video or images.

By using these cables and connecting the Type-A standard cable to the HDMI mini Type C cable, the conversion just got easier. You are connected to your computer monitors, HDTV, or HDMI projectors literally everywhere anywhere!

Additionally, the cables come with Startech’s signature gold plated tips and a lifetime warranty!

Micro HDMI to HDMI Adapters

Their micro, Type C connectors are durable with high speed and top-notch quality. The high-speed Micro HDMI to HDMI converters are built with a durable PVC jacket for reliability as well as high strength. As if the image is brought to life in front of your very eyes. The products are flexible and reliable. The molded PVC provides strain relief and prevents fraying as well as damage that might be produced due to bending or if subjected to rough usage. This is best for use in commercial environments.

Additionally, the cable comes with Startech's signature gold plated tips and a lifetime warranty!

High-Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet Options

These cables are the true definition of high speed. They are 6ft long and have 2 HDMI male connectors that come with Startech’s signature gold plated tips. The cables provide an HDMI to HDMI connection between many devices. These include Blu-Ray DiskTM players, DVD players, projectors, stereo systems, and HDTVs.

The product line supports resolutions of not only 1080p but above as well, with a refresh rate of up to 120Hz. A picture that becomes alive on your screen! These ultra HD cables also support resolutions up to 4K x 2K. The essence of high definition, resolution, and higher frame rates. The picture quality is literally astounding. It is the literal definition of a breathtaking display.

Rotating High-Speed HDMI Cables

The rotating HDMI high-speed swivel cable line comes with two connectors which are gold plated for resistance against corrosion. As the name suggests the connector face is 180 degrees rotatable and provides a direct link between the HDMI devices. These include HDTVs, DVD players, stereo receivers and so much more.

The star feature of the HDMI connector line with its swiveling and pivoting head offers you the freedom to adjust the installation of the cable to your will without having to bend or twist the cable at sharp angles. The tight narrow spaces that were once a problem are no longer a headache!

You can easily connect your TV or monitor to an audio-video source or an HDMI A/V source with little space around the connecting point.

StarTech's USB C to HDMI Cable Selection

Tired of searching for ways to directly connect your smartphone to your HDTC or PCs for videos? Well, tense no more! StarTech has you covered.

This USB-C type HDMI cable selection will now let you connect either your Type C smartphone or thunderbolt device to an alluring HDMI display. The cable allows you to view sharper images with enhanced quality as well as sound. In addition, it supports a high dynamic range (HRR10). Now with a combination of greater contrast as brighter colors, these cables will enable you to deliver enticing presentations, display crisp signage walls, and create alluring photography, cinematography, videography and so much more!

The company went so far as to make the setup hassle-free. For easy operation as well as installation, the cable supports a seamless plug-and-play with any operating system. Including macOS, Linux, Chrome, Android, and windows.

Moreover, the product comes with a 3-year warranty and free lifetime support.

HDMI Port Saver Cables

The port saver cable comes with gold-plated connectors. The signal integrity and reliability are top-notch due to the EMI shielding with mylar foil and copper braid. The female connector is built of nylon which ultimately resists damage when connecting the cable to the HDMI port.

In order to prevent unwanted disconnections or signal loss, these cables come with an HDMI male connector. The high retention connector connects to the port and ultimately creates contact pressure that prevents it from getting loose due to vibrations or external force.

The product has high speed with a bandwidth of up to 18Gbps. Crystal clear image with high dynamic range for vivid colors. And sound with uncompressed audio channels. With supporting 21:9 aspect ratio and 3D video, the cables are also backward compatible with the older versions of the HDMI. Furthermore, they support consumer electronics control CEC functions too.

Benefits of Using StarTech HDMI Cables

If you are looking for HDMI cables that offer top-notch experience, then StarTech is just what you need. The company ensures a corrosion-free connection with high-quality output through gold-plated contacts. Not only this but also it maintains durable as well as error-resistant HDMI audio and video performance. This is made sure by using a molded connector with strain relief. With the lifetime warranty, long-term reliability and performance are real!

StarTech will allow you to easily identify, search, get and use the connectivity parts you desire. The company is a global manufacturer of almost 3700 products and operates in 5 different countries. With it providing services worldwide, the commitment of the company to make their customer's jobs easier is steadfast.

For any queries or suggestions head over to our website.

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