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Thanks to technology, you can now track your health from a watch on your wrist. A Fitbit can track everything from the number of steps you take and your heart rate to how many calories you burn in a day.

It's simple. Just put your wristband on and let it do its job while it tracks your movements. Fitbits track your sleep patterns too, enabling you to determine if you need to make any changes to your bedtime routine.

Lenovo has a wide range of Fitbits for you to choose from. Whether you want a basic one to use the step counter or need one with advanced features, such as GPS tracking during exercise, we have got a fitness tracker for you.

Benefits of Fitbit

Lenovo offers a wide range of fitness trackers for you to choose from, depending on your needs. Wearing a Fitbit isn't merely a style statement.

Being a fitness tracker, a Fitbit does exactly that. It tracks your fitness by taking all aspects into account, including sleep patterns, heart rate, level of oxygen, number of steps you take, and more.

Here are some benefits of a Fitbit.

  • Heart Rate Monitoring: A Fitbit can monitor your heart rate and keep track  of it. If your heart is beating faster than normal, Fitbit will notify you    through its mobile app.

  • Stress Monitoring: A Fitbit can also monitor your stress levels and let you    know if they are increasing or decreasing by monitoring your heart rate. It sends notifications to the mobile app.

  • Card-free  Payment: If you're wearing your Fitbit that's connected to Apple Pay or Google Pay, you can go cashless. You can make payments without carrying  your wallet or debit card with you. All you need is the watch on your  wrist.

  • Step Counter: One of the most useful features of a Fitbit is that it tells  you how many steps you take every day and for how long you have been walking. This helps in keeping track of your physical activity.

  • GPS Tracking: If you like to hike or go for long runs, it's good to have a   Fitbit with GPS. You can easily track your routes on the map without      bringing your phone with you.

  • Sleep Monitoring: If you are looking for a wearable that tracks your sleep,   get a Fitbit. It monitors the number of hours you slept and the quality by      tracking the duration of deep sleep, light sleep, and awake time. With the      help of a Fitbit, you can monitor how long and deep your sleep was if it      had any impact on your health. If you are feeling drowsy during the daytime due to poor sleep quality, Fitbit will let you know.

  • Heart Disease & Stroke Management: If you are dealing with any heart  disease or stroke, it's advisable to keep your heart rate under 120 beats per minute. A Fitbit can automatically track the number of steps you take per minute and alert you when your heart rate is increasing due to stress or physical activity.

  • Notifications:  A Fitbit also gets text and call notifications to keep you connected even  when you leave your phone behind. You can make or receive calls and get  notifications of messages without having to take out your phone  everywhere.

  • Music: You can store music on your Fitbit and play it to stay motivated while going on a long run or hiking. You can control the music by tapping on the  watch itself if you have Bluetooth earphones connected to it.

Best Fitbits for Everyday Users

If you're struggling to find the best fitness tracker for everyday use, here are some good options.

  • Fitbit  Charge: Fitbit Charge is one of the best fitness trackers out there,      with notable features like a long-term battery, heart rate monitor,  detailed motion data, and water resistance.

  • Fitbit Charge 5: Meanwhile, the Fitbit Charge 5 is the perfect workout buddy  since it tracks multiple workout types, ranging from yoga to cycling.   Plus, it's water-resistant, which means you can wear it while swimming  too.

  • Fitbit  Versa Lite: Fitbit Versa Lite has a long battery life of up to four days with customized clock faces, guided breathing sessions, a one-button   design, and many other features.

  • Fitbit Alta: The Fitbit Alta can receive text messages, calendar alerts, and      phone calls. Thus, it's perfect for students and office-goers who always need to stay connected.

  • Fitbit  Flex: The highly feature-packed Fitbit Flex doesn't have a screen,      which means you won't see data on it directly. But it syncs data directly  with your personal computer or Macbook wirelessly, allowing you to see     your sleep patterns and other health aspects on the computer.

  • Fitbit  Blaze: The Fitbit Blaze has a heart rate monitor, touchscreen display,  five-day battery life, and a number of other features that track your everyday fitness. You can also see on-screen workouts on the watches  display.

  • Should You Get a Fitbit?

Have you ever wondered if you need a Fitbit? What makes it an absolute necessity to get a fitness tracker?

You don't necessarily need to have heart disease or sleeping problems to wear a Fitbit. In fact, healthy individuals can benefit from a fitness tracker equally.

Lenovo's Fitbit stock has a watch for every kind of user, from someone who needs to track their sleeping pattern to people who want to use their fitness tracker as an on-the-go GPS.

Look through our Fitbit stock to find the best fitness tracker for your needs.

How to Choose the Best Fitbit?

Since there are many options to choose from, you should consider how often you will be using the fitness tracker. Will it be for everyday use or just on workout days?

You can go for a cheaper option if it's going to be only an occasional activity tracker. But if you need a Fitbit for everyday use, whether at home or while jogging around town, the price will be higher.

Likewise, not all Fitbits have advanced features like payment options and heart rate monitors. If these features are necessary for you, make sure you choose a Fitbit that has them.

You can check out our Fitbit stock to find the best fitness tracker at a reasonable price.

How do I Get Started with my Fitbit?

To get started, you need to download the Fitbit app on your smartphone or computer. You'll be able to see real-time statistics and metrics on the app, which can motivate you to stay fit and healthy.

Computers with Bluetooth connectivity are required for syncing data wirelessly. Otherwise, you'll need to connect your Fitbit to a USB cable and sync it manually using the Fitbit Connect software.

Initially, the Fitbit might not show the right time and date. How to change time on Fitbit? Go to settings in the Fitbit app. In the Time Zone tab, turn off the Set Automatically option.

Choose the right time zone from the drop-down menu. Finally, sync the time from the app to your watch.

Since Fitbit customer service is impeccable, you won't have any trouble in case a question arises. Furthermore, you can give your Fitbit a new look by changing its band every now and then.

For instance, Fitbit Versa 2 bands come in different colors and styles. Just search for Fitbit Versa 2 bands, and you'll be blown away by the number of options.


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