“Before we found the Lenovo solution, we had tried a number of different hyperconverged devices on the market. None of them could meet our I/O requirements. Lenovo’s centralized storage could deliver four times the performance level we needed and after several months of deployment, the solution has proven that it perfectly meets all our business needs."

Dong Liang,

IT Manager,
Weijia Automotive Group

Supercharging the sales network by optimizing transactional performance under peak load.

China’s leading auto dealership, Weijia Automobile Group operates 136 sales, service, spare parts, and surveys (4S) stores across the country. These stores use a custom developed ERP system, integrated with the group’s Dealer Management System (DMS), to generate huge volumes of settlement transactions at the end of each month and at these peak times, its existing hyperconverged infrastructure put the brakes on business performance.

By replacing its systems with a Lenovo ThinkSystem DM5100F Unified Storage Array and powerful Lenovo ThinkSystem SR860 servers, the company now has the stable end of month performance it needs to support its settlement processes efficiently. Maximum system delays have been cut from 2800ms to just 10ms which means that transactions which previously took minutes to complete can now be processed in sub second response times.

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