"In the future, we plan to develop a similar VDI system for the whole Toyota Group. We would like to make computer-aided engineering (CAE) applications available via VDI too, and further increase our flexible working capabilities in the Engineering Design Group.”

Mr. Masanobu Takahisa,

DX Promotion Division, Toyota

Accelerating the adoption of remote working in automotive design.

Toyota Motor Corporation is renowned both in Japan and internationally as one of the world's largest automobile manufacturers. With sites around the world, the Toyota Group employs around 360,000 people, and is regarded as a leader not only for its excellent design development, production, and sales strategies, but also for its progressive and innovative human resources policies.

Over the past five years, Toyota has committed to embracing a more flexible way of working, which has involved rolling out telecommuting capabilities that enable 13,000 employees to balance work with childcare and other family responsibilities.

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