“The fact that Lenovo, as a provider of both devices and compute resources, can participate in different parts of the value chain of an edge deployment, together with its partnership with different applications was key to identifying the right use cases and the applications that meet the factors of multi-cloud readiness and demonstrate the telco edge multi-cloud capabilities.”

Felipe Jose Vicens Gonzalez 

HW and Virtualization Infrastructure, Cloud and Infrastructure, Telefónica Global IT

Telco Enters the Next Stage of Evolution at the Edge

Telefónica and Lenovo show how they are ready to deploy any application, on any device, anywhere.

Edge technology represents a paradigm shift in how telecommunications networks are designed, deployed, and operated, leveraging cloud computing principles and technologies to deliver more agile, efficient, and innovative telecommunication services. To usher in this change, Telefónica, one of the largest telecommunications operators in the world, came together with Lenovo, NearbyComputing, and cutting-edge AI software partners like Fogsphere and Nemergent, to show how a multi-cloud environment can bring any app to the edge at life-saving speed.

Somewhere in Madrid, a small house fire starts. Just a wisp of smoke at first, but with the potential to grow into something truly dangerous. Luckily, a public safety camera picks up the telltale signs of a fire. The AI computer vision software recognizes the threat and emergency services are able to respond faster than ever before. Once firefighters reach the scene, their mobile devices keep them up to date with the latest information, and instantly take on the functionality of a radio ‘walkie-talkie’ thanks to the Lenovo-Motorola ThinkPhone to keep the first responders connected to one another at the push of a button. In a telco network using edge technology, and operating with multi-cloud capability, all of this happens seamlessly and near instantaneously, but behind the scenes, thought leaders and industry experts are working together to make it happen in an unprecedented show of collaboration that serves as a call to action for the rest of the telco industry.

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