The Summer Palace Smart Tourism Project is a beacon of how modern technology can be used to bring centuries-old locations to life in new ways, allowing historical and cultural relics to release greater value and meaning for the next generation of visitors.

Inspiring all-new visitor experiences at a centuries-old cultural landmark

The Summer Palace is one of Beijing’s most popular tourist attractions, welcoming thousands of visitors every day. To keep people flocking to this historic park, and make their visit truly unforgettable, its leadership joined forces with Lenovo to launch the Summer Palace Smart Tourism Project.

Now, every visitor to the Summer Palace enjoys an experience that blends the best of tradition and technology. An intelligent visitor information center provides rich visual information and services to help tourists get the most out of their trip. Meanwhile, park administrators and senior management have new insight into all aspects of operations and tighter control over maintenance and service, helping them run the Summer Palace more safely and efficiently than ever.

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