“Edge computing is a critical component of our computer vision offerings, as retailers need notifications in real time. Lenovo ThinkEdge servers enable us to process and analyze sensor data in the actual store, at the edge of the network, without delay.”

Dustin Ares

Director and General Manager of video analytics, AI and incubation
Sensormatic Solutions

Sensormatic Solutions leads a whole new retail experience, backed by Lenovo edge computing and Intel AI solutions

Computer vision is transforming the way retailers understand people’s in-store shopping behavior and address critical loss prevention issues, including retail shrinkage and organized retail crime (ORC). Dustin Ares, director and general manager of video analytics, AI and incubation at Sensormatic Solutions, explains.

Understanding exactly how consumers behave as they walk through a store is a perpetual challenge for retailers. Even the smallest change in behavior, prompted by a new design, merchandising assortment, staff availability, or changed display, can produce immediate bottom-line impact.

This is something Sensormatic Solutions understands only too well. A global leader in retail technology—including loss prevention and liability, shopper experience, inventory intelligence, and operational effectiveness solutions—Sensormatic Solutions provides retailers with technology that enables frictionless and personalized experiences for shoppers.

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