“Our goal is to produce results that are useful for solving human problems beyond research, and that means driving the future development of the center by even more effective use of IT.”

Professor Takashi Nakano

Director, Research Center for Nuclear Physics
Osaka University

Accelerating state-of-the-art nuclear physics research.

Established in 1971, the Research Center for Nuclear Physics (RCNP) at Osaka University is a state-of-the-art institution for research into nuclear physics and its applications. RCNP owns the largest cyclotron accelerator facility at any Japanese university and was certified as an International Joint Usage/Research Center in 2018.

Professor Takashi Nakano, Director of RCNP, says: “A defining characteristic of RCNP is our research into precision nuclear physics, where we collide various particles against the nucleus of an atom and accurately measure changes in vibration and energy. We also conduct theoretical research based on this experimental data.”

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