“We were very impressed with Lenovo leadership in AI, and the speed and agility of their implementation services. Working closely with Lenovo, we rapidly deployed the hybrid cloud infrastructure and on-site equipment. On the factory floor, Lenovo Smart Eye controls cameras mounted on robotic arms to inspect almost every inch of each vehicle as it moves along the production line.”

Spokesperson, Lotus Technology

Manufacturing fast without compromising on quality

To boost the efficiency of its brand-new electric vehicle manufacturing site in China, Lotus Technology deployed Lenovo Smart Eye for AI-powered quality inspection—enabling it to detect defects with 99% accuracy.

Customer Problem

Every car that Lotus Technology produces is customized to individual customer specifications—but manually inspecting each car for quality would create a manufacturing bottleneck.

Lenovo Solution

By deploying Lenovo Smart Eye, Lotus Technology can automatically scan each car for defects with robotically controlled cameras.

Business Impact

The new solution detects defects on the production line with 99% accuracy, enabling Lotus Technologies to keep production lines moving quickly while keeping quality high.

“With Lenovo Smart Eye at the heart of our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Wuhan, we’re ready to delight customers around the world with a new generation of customized electric cars.”

Spokesperson, Lotus Technology


  • ·       99% defect-detection accuracy
  • ·       Minimizes IT infrastructure costs
  • ·       Enables high-quality manufacturing

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