“Artificial intelligence, big data, and internet-of-things solutions are poised to transform the fast-food industry. To make the most of these data-intensive technologies, drive innovation, and power future growth, it’s essential that we have a reliable, performant, and robust infrastructure.”

Spokesperson, leading fast-food franchise

Serving up fresh retail insights

This leading fast-food franchise had already achieved enormous success in China, but its customers were still hungry for more. To meet high demand, the company worked with Lenovo to drive nationwide growth.

Customer Problem

How can fast food companies provide an excellent customer experience at every restaurant, while also catering to local tastes?

Lenovo Solution

Lenovo Retail Solutions equip this fast-food company with smart point-of-sale devices, digital menus, rich analytics capabilities, and a centralized store management platform.

Business Impact

The franchise can gain greater insight into restaurant performance as it expands into new regions, helping it serve up delicious meals to even more customers.

“With Lenovo solutions we’re confident that we can strengthen our leading position in the fast-food industry.”

Spokesperson, leading fast-food franchise


  • ·       500+ stores launched
  • ·       Simplifies store management
  • ·       Offers data-driven insights

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