“In our view, Lenovo is the world’s leading specialist in domains such as smart buildings, which made them the ideal fit to automate our greenhouses and other interior park spaces. Because Lenovo is also one of the world’s largest technology companies, we also have the peace of mind that we can always get expert support if we need it.”



Boosting profitability through agricultural automation

To help ensure visitors can enjoy its agricultural park for years to come, this leading agribusiness in China uses Lenovo Le Farming to automate processes such as greenhouse management—reducing operational costs and freeing employees to focus on the customer experience.

Customer Problem

Manually managing greenhouses and equipment across the company’s large agricultural park was driving costs significantly, leading the company to look for a more efficient approach.

Lenovo Solution

With Lenovo Le Farming, the agribusiness uses automation to free employees for repetitive work, while a new e-commerce channel enables visitors to buy park produce from their smartphones.

Business Impact

The company has cut the operational costs associated with running its park and created new revenue streams through e-commerce—helping to boost profitability for a unique visitor attraction.

The Lenovo Le Farming solution is helping this leading agribusiness to operate a profitable, engaging, and unique agricultural park that visitors can enjoy for years to come.


  • ·       Reduces operational costs
  • ·       Unlocks new sources of revenue
  • ·       Enhances the visitor experience

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