“We absolutely recommend Lenovo and Nutanix technology. The HCI solution has worked very well for us so far and we see it as an optimal platform for driving future innovation and effective service delivery across the state of Jalisco.”

Octavio Gonzalez Loza

Director General of Information Technologies,
Jalisco State Government

Building better experiences for citizens in the cloud.

Jalisco is one of the most economically and culturally vibrant states in Mexico, as well as an important technology and innovation hub. It is currently the third-largest economy in the country and the third most populous state, home to more than 8.3 million people. Its capital, Guadalajara, is known as Mexico’s Silicon Valley, with dozens of multinational tech companies and some 600 tech startups operating throughout the city.

Jalisco State Government is charged with managing administrative, economic, social, and cultural affairs at the state level. Over the past decade, the government has been on a mission to transform the way it operates through digitization. The goal is to develop and widen access to information and communication technologies (ICT) in order to improve citizens’ quality of life, provide new opportunities for education, investment, and work, as well as optimize essential government services.

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