“Lenovo and NVIDIA solutions are already empowering us to carry out innovative work that simply wasn’t possible before. For example, we’re providing the University of Turin with access to our server to experiment with our data remotely—helping us support the next generation of deep-learning research.”

Mario Vigliar

Principal Chief Executive Officer, DPControl

Accelerating the development of game-changing image recognition solutions.

Founded in 2002 and headquartered in Salerno, Italy, DPControl (DPC) is a specialist in machine vision, neural networks, artificial intelligence, and smart cameras. Based on its own in-house research and development, DPC offers custom, high-performance hardware and software systems, imaging and multi-modality sensors for a wide range of use cases, including industrial internet of things, factory automation, robotics and drones, security and biometrics, and more.

DPC’s offerings hinge on its ability to extract relevant data from large volumes of still images and video quickly and cost-effectively. To enhance its product portfolio, the company is continually researching new image-processing techniques to refine its capabilities and enable innovative, value-added services.

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