“Our partnership with Lenovo has proved highly successful. They provide an excellent quality of service, with agile, proactive support to maintain the availability of our critical systems, enabling us to divert our resources away from maintenance and towards innovation projects.”

Program owner

Chinese international airport

Keeping passengers and cargo moving

Every year, 20 million passengers travel through this international airport in China. Daily operations depend on the availability of key IT systems, and any downtime can lead to severe disruption. To keep things running smoothly, the airport enlisted expert assistance from Lenovo Managed Services. Initially, Lenovo managed the airport’s front-end systems, then took over the entire back-end infrastructure when a local COVID-19 outbreak caused manpower shortages.

With Lenovo, the airport has improved the performance and resilience of its systems, mitigating operational risk. And 90% of internal IT staff now focus on more strategic work rather than troubleshooting, enhancing cost-efficiency.

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