“Using AI, we’re already seeing how we can enhance the educational experience of students with SEN, empowering them to reach their full potential.”

Victor Wong

CEO, Bridge AI

Using AI to raise the bar in special education

In Hong Kong, the number of children with Special Education Needs (SEN) increased by 106% in 10 years.[1] Working with Lenovo, Bridge Academy enhanced its Bridge AI system, which captures learning, psychological, and environmental data to track SEN student performance based on personalized education plans. By hyperautomating labor-intensive notetaking and using multi-sensory monitoring to analyze responses, the system allows more SEN students to participate in AI-assisted Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) sessions, now that the therapists can be flexible in their whereabouts.

Customer Problem

In addition to an overwhelming shortage of ABA therapists, a staggering 12,000 ABA tasks can be selected to customize ongoing programs for SEN individuals, which needed intensive planning and ongoing assessments.

Lenovo Solution

Bridge Academy is working with Lenovo to train AI models to recognize human gestures and expressions, objects and voices, and to hyperautomate grading and recommend follow-ups based on domain-specific models for ABA.

Business Impact

Advice from Lenovo’s AI Professional Services team, combined with voice and object recognition as well as eye and motion tracking, are helping Bridge AI to enhance its AI assessment tool and improve the learning environment for SEN students, parents, ABA therapists and the Academy alike.


  • ·       Collects and analyzes data in real time; hyperautomates labor-intensive ABA processes
  • ·       Enables many more SEN students to participate in ABA therapy
  • ·       Helps children with SEN make breakthroughs with more fun and less stress


[1] Source: Research Office of Hong Kong Legislative Council Secretariat

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