“In a single weekend, we can collect up to 20 GB of data in total from all our bikes, and we need high compute performance to crunch through that telemetry in a short window of time. Lenovo ThinkSystem SE350 edge servers help us to do the heavy lifting on our racing data, which allows us to make smart decisions and shave down our times.”

Massimiliano Bertei

Chief Technology Officer, Ducati Motor Holding

Gaining a game-changing competitive edge in superbike racing with ultra-fast analytics.

Competing at the highest levels of the WorldSBK requires exceptionally detailed planning. With riders, equipment, and support staff hopping around the globe between rounds, Aruba.it Racing – Ducati Team must ensure that it can rapidly transport and reassemble everything it needs to compete—including its data analytics infrastructure.

Massimiliano Bertei, Chief Technology Officer, Ducati Motor Holding, explains: “Our analytics capabilities are crucial to riding a competitive race. The rules of the WorldSBK prohibit real-time analysis, so as soon as the bike leaves the track, we download the telemetry to a dedicated file server in our box. In between races, we harness this data to examine all the inputs made by the rider as well as the performance and behavior of the bike, and uncover opportunities to improve our performance. For example, by comparing data from previous races on the same track with similar weather conditions, we can determine whether a hard or medium tire is likely to produce a faster time.”

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