What is DaaS?

Device as a Service (DaaS) helps simplify the IT lifecycle management for end users. A DaaS subscription allows you to regulate IT costs over time and free up capital to fund revenue-generating initiatives.

DaaS: Simpliying IT lifecycle management for end users

For organizations large and small, refreshing a fleet of personal computing devices every three to four years can involve substantial costs, especially when considering peripheral expenditures for procurement, deployment, training, support, recovery, and asset management.

A recent IDC survey found that

of respondents have engaged or are planning to engage in Daas in the next 12 months to address their IT needs.

Device as a Service (DaaS) helps organizations mitigate these costs by taking a typical hardware device (such as a laptop, desktop, tablet, or mobile phone), bundling it with a variety of services and software, and offering it to a customer for a monthly subscription fee. It gives customers one contract and just one provider to hold accountable. And unlike hardware leasing, organizations get a holistic solution that allows for broad flexibility to scale the hardware over time. Customers are also given the ability to leave the challenges of lifecycle management to the DaaS provider, allowing the organization to stay focused on its core business

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Free up internal IT resources

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Key Features

Enjoy a complete suite of deployment and PC lifecycle management services, with as much or support as required.

Key Features

Increase efficiency at every stage of the lifecycle and benefit from a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) as part of a convenient and complete hardware and sevices solution

Increase efficiency
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Equip Your Organization

Increase Productivity

Avoid unnecessary costs—and frustration—related to efficiency, security and workforce productivity. Your subscription lets you benefit from the latest technology and services that maximize IT performance. Stay on the leading edge

Industry experts agree that a three year refresh cycle is the optimal length of time for computing hardware.
This allows the company to avoid unnecessary costs related to energy efficiency, security and most of all, workforce productivity. According to research conducted by Intel Corporation, small business workers lose more than one work week per year due to antiquated PCs, not to mention the morale-killing effects and employee frustration that comes with using outdated technology.

Additionally, those same businesses are spending 30% more to repair PCs that are 4 years or older compared to newer PCs. In many cases, repair costs for older personal computers can exceed the purchase price of new PCs. With a DaaS subscription, the organization always has access to the latest technology and avoids costly repairs and productivity delays from aged devices.

Advanced Data Protection and On-Device Security

Lenovo combines partnerships with security leaders and proprietary solutions to create the most secure
PCs in the industry.

Solving Concerns With Data - Identity - Online - Device (DIODe)

Data Security We value transparency, secure features, components and logistics, coupled with the best IT security solutions to provide a complete end-to-end security approach.

Securing Data Common concerns on data security: 1. Protect data on my system. 2. Protect data off- device. 3. Meet regulations for disclosure. 4. Prevent data leakage from a lost device.

Design: dTPM 2.0, Secure Data Erase
Partnerships: WinMagic, Intel Data Guard

Lenovo, in partnership with WinMagic, ensures a comprehensive FDE solution while also using Secure Data Erase to allow IT administrators to remotely wipe data from the device.

Protection Only Common concerns for online protection: 1. Prevent ID theft. 2. Help me connect securely. 3. Prevent malware & phishing. 4. Prevent data from leaving device.

Design: built-in FIDO authenticators
Partnerships: McAfee A/V, Coro.net, Bufferzone

Online security is key for most companies, so Lenovo has designed systems to have stronger authentication systems, with FIDO, and more secure Wifi access with Coro.net.

User´s Identity Common concerns on protecting end user identity: 1. How do I trust the devices? 2. Regulations require 2-factor authentication. 3. Passwords get breached. 4. Poor user log-on experience.

Design: Secure biometrics
Partnerships: Intel SGX, Microsoft VBS

Lenovo has led the way in security biometrics with our integrated fingerprint reader and we go a step further in ID security with Intel's SGX to protect elect code and data from modification or disclosure.

Secure The Device Common concerns on device security: 1. How do I ensure my device is healthy? 2. How do I prevent my device from being compromised? 3. Updates need to be secure. 4. Find/ disable lost device Poor user log-on experience.

Design: Protected BIOS/ Secure SPI
Partnerships: Intel Secure Supply Chain, Absolute, Device Guard

Locking the data is only part of the equation. Companies also need to make sure the device itself is secure, so Lenovo consistently works to protect the system BIOS, plus uses Absolute's DDS for an adaptive endpoint solution.

It Benefits

Lenovo DaaS for Small Business solutions the most of your limited IT budget. Bundled into a predictable cost model with flexible terms, your subscription removes the burden of IT management, empowering you to maximize profits. Shrink capital costs so you can re-invest in your company.

IT support is often one of the largest annual expenses an organization incurs.

Whether its configuration and deployment or IT helpdesk services for its employees, IT expenses often amount to a significant portion of an organization’s operating budget. DaaS and the bundled services it offers with hardware, allow an organization to strategically outsource costly individual IT requirements or completely rid itself of the entire PC support lifecycle, reducing the burden on internal teams and more importantly, on the organization’s profitability.

Additionally, invaluable tracking and reporting dashboards that provide detail on asset tracking, usage, software installation, and outages can be added as a part of the service.

It Benefits


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