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Best Chromebook for Students

In the past, the idea of giving every student their own laptops might have sounded absurd because of the expense. However, as education embraces the benefits of technology, providing laptops for all students has become more of a necessity than a want. To help with expense and ease of use Chromebooks fit the bill. But what is the best Chromebook for students? There is a wide range of specs and features to choose from for students of all ages.

The best Chromebook for your student is based on their needs and preferences, age, and grade level. Because of this, finding the best choice them can be a little challenging. But worry not, the following factors can help guide you in the right direction:


Admit it; with students always on the go, accidents happen. There is a risk that with hours of homework and studying, they can drop snacks, spill water, milk, juice, you name it, on it. That’s why it’s important to consider investing in a laptop that is rugged and can withstand a heavy beating.

That is why Chromebooks are great for students. Rugged and durable, no matter how drops or spills happen, these PCs are tough and can go the distance. They’re proven to withstand mechanical shocks and can even overcome -20 degrees C and an explosive atmosphere. Hopefully, nothing as earth shattering as shock or extreme temperature will occur but it’s good to know your device is up to the challenge.

Screen Size & Quality

As more and more classes are online for students, it's important for you to consider the screen size and quality of the laptop that you will be buying for them.

Chromebooks screen sizes from 11 inch to 14 inch. Big enough so that you don’t have to strain their eyes while attending online classes and completed lessons and homework.

The IdeaPad Flex 5 Chromebook has a 13.3 inch FHD touch display and the Lenovo Chomebook 3 (14”) has a 14 inch FHD display. Both allow for excellent quality visuals and colours and lines that are crystal clear and crisp.

The Audio

Just like the screen, it's also important for you to consider the audio when you are looking for best Chromebook for your student. Whether you want to a headsets or earphones or just want to use speakers Lenovo Chromebooks deliver.

The IdeaPad Flex 5 Chromebook 13" is ready to rock your world. With front-facing stereo speakers, your audio experience is truly enhanced. From online classes to music to movies and podcasts, everything will sound more alive than ever.

Battery Life

Another important factor to consider when choosing a Chromebook is battery life. Depending on the age of your student, many times they are on the go. They are not always studying or participating in online classes at home, so long battery life is essential.

This is one of the reasons Chromebooks are so good for students. Most models have battery life up to 10 hours, like the IdeaPad 3 Chromebook (11”) super slim, powerful, and 10 hours of juice. It gives you the opportunity to move around freely without needing a charge. The Chromebook advantage is while most laptops with longer battery life are more expensive, Chromebooks are not. They offer longer battery life without straining your wallet.

App Compatibility

Since the main purpose of the Chromebook that you will be buying for is for education, you first need to know whether there is a specific program or platform required by the school. Chromebooks are built for collaboration. They are connected to Google Classroom which makes it easy for students to communicate with teachers, monitor assignments, and see grades.

Also, it's best to opt for a laptop that has an easy to navigate OS so you don’t have a difficult time figuring things out. The Chromebook series offers exactly that. It allows you to seamlessly log in to your Google account and use of the entire Google ecosystem.


Last but not least is the budget. That is where the Chromebook shines as being one of the best PCs for students. Long battery, ultra slim and light, boots up superfast, saves everything in the cloud, and is connected to Google classroom, should we go on? This is a power-packed PC that can be used by students of every age for a price that won’t put a dent in your pocketbook.

Why should you a buy a Chromebook for your student at

Nowadays, there is no denying Chromebooks are some the best PCs for students. However, with plenty of options out there, finding the best one can indeed be challenging. We have a deep back to school selection of Chromebooks, laptops, desktops, tablets and more for students.

Our laptops are designed to give you the versatility and durability to take your laptop into the classroom or enjoy it at home for entertainment and gaming. We offer a wide selection of accessories and software that will help you complete your study space. Buying the best laptop school for you doesn't have to be complicated. While also staying within your budget, parents and students can find helpful tips on how to choose the right computer for school needs in the student FAQ section. Or how about checking out our gaming for students laptops that can go from school PC to gaming rig easily. And remember, Lenovo offers free shipping on all orders and easy returns.

Still not sure where to start? Our Student Laptop Buying Guide walks you through all the things you need to know when buying a laptop. Get the rundown on RAM, storage, and more, so you can make the right choice.

Shop for the best student laptop deals

Save on the PC you want with today’s laptop deals. Find the best deals on the latest laptops and newest tech, available exclusively on Get even more off a new system with stackable eCoupons and student discounts.

So, take a look around. You might just discover the laptop of your dreams. Shop for a cutting-edge laptop, desktop, tablet, and more you can rely on for years and that doesn’t break your budget.

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