Why Upgrade: Windows 8 vs Windows 10

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Windows 8 vs. Windows 10: What are the differences?

When considering Windows 8 vs. 10, many questions must be asked. Are you buying a new device or upgrading one you already own? Are you familiar with Windows 8 or 10 already? Do you have any preferences? The answers to all of these questions will inform on where you stand in the Windows 10 vs. 8 deliberation. The two operating systems are quite different, so it's helpful to know what each offers.

Windows 8 is the outgoing operating system, while Windows 10 is Microsoft's latest version and more robust OS. Generally, Windows 10 will be the better choice if a consumer is seeking the latest user experience. However, if budget is a priority or a user is seeking an entry-level device, then Windows 8 is a capable and attractive alternative.

Why stick with Windows 8?

Windows 8 is a proven operating system that has been available for many years. This means it is generally more stable than Windows 10, requiring less updates. It also has features not available on Windows 10, such as Windows Media Center. Ultimately, cost and minimum device requirements are likely to play the largest role in why someone would choose to stick with Windows 8 rather than upgrade. Windows 8 is a capable and intuitive operating system with many attractive features.

Why upgrade to Windows 10?

It's a common question that users ask: Why get Windows 10? The reasons are many, particularly for those buying an all-new device. Perhaps most simply, Windows 10 is the future, while Windows 7 and Windows 8 represent the past. Users can expect all software moving forward to be tailored around Windows 10, and Microsoft is likely to gradually phase out its support of the older operating systems.

Additionally, the new OS comes with many attractive features, the most notable of which is the return of the classic Windows Start Menu. Combining the best features of Windows 8 (the square icon graphic interface, for example) with legacy features going all the way back to Windows 95, Windows 10 is designed to be the do-it-all operating system.

How can I tell if a Lenovo product comes with Windows 10?

To determine if a Lenovo desktop or laptop computer comes with Windows 10, you can check any individual product or model page, as well as the Series overview pages. Simply scan the bulleted lists underneath each product to find basic information on software and hardware specifications. When viewing an individual product, you will find information on the device's OS in the Specifications or Tech Specs section. Keep in mind that once you decide on a laptop or computer and add it to your cart, you can customize the OS on some models.

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