What's The Best 4K Monitor For Gaming?

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What is the best 4K monitor for gaming?

Today's video game titles, both PC and console, are being developed at 4K resolution and up to 60 frames per second for unparalleled clarity and smoothness. To get the most out of the modern gaming experience, users are going to want a 4K monitor. So which 4K gaming monitor is best? Well, the truth is that there may not be one single “best” 4K monitor for gaming. Different monitors will offer different features, and no two gamers are the same, so no one monitor will be perfect for everyone. With that being said, if you are seeking a gaming 4K monitor, you will want to take certain features and specifications into consideration. In researching your options, you are likely to find that the best 4K gaming monitors share many things in common.

What 4K gaming monitor specs should I consider or think about?

Knowing that all 4K monitors will display images at the same resolution, it pays to consider what other features are offered. For example, does the monitor come with built-in speakers or a headphone jack? If not, consider how else you might listen to in-game audio. A lack of built-in speakers or headphone jack may be a deal-breaker for some. Size is another factor to consider. For most, bigger is better in this regard; you may want to try and maximize your display size while staying within your budget. It's also important to consider the monitor itself. What is the response time and frame rate? The lower the response time and the higher the frame rate, the smoother the picture will display. Finally, consider peripheries. Does the monitor have HDMI or USB inputs? Ideally, your monitor should have multiple inputs for each type of cable.

Does Lenovo offer gaming laptops with a 4K display so I can have 4K on the go?

Yes, Lenovo does offer gaming laptops with 4K resolution. Lenovo Y700 premium gaming laptops, many of which can be ordered with a 4K monitor for the best in quality, clarity, and color vibrancy. Laptops with an ultra high-definition (UHD) display make it possible to have a desktop or console gaming experience on the go, right from your mobile device.

What 4K monitors does Lenovo offer?

If you are seeking a 4K gaming monitor for a desktop computer, Lenovo's ThinkVision Series of monitors can meet your needs. Some of the monitors feature an infinity glass design, which pushes the display right to the outer edges of the monitor, dual speakers, multiple inputs (including HDMI and USB), a fully tilting and swiveling stand, and ultra high-definition resolution. The ThinkVision Series of monitors offers an unparalleled display with images that are vibrant, sharp, and detailed.

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