What is the best windows 8 laptop?

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What is the best windows 8 laptop?

The best Windows 8 laptop for you depends on the type of laptop that meets your needs and matches your lifestyle. Is your PC for work and business or entertainment and gaming? Are you a student who needs a fully functional laptop for the classroom and dorm room? Do you need a Windows 8 laptop for everyday functions and multitasking? Lenovo features laptops for a variety of usages, including high-performance, students, home office, small business, entertainment and gaming.

Click on Which PC is right for me? and answer the four questions to find PC recommendations that are most ideal for you. Think about how you would use your PC, important features and price points.

You can also narrow your search to select options, such as brand, starting price, type, and usage, to customize your PC shopping experience. First, select Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro to ensure results show PCs that operate with Windows 8. Lenovo brands include Thinkpad laptops for premium performance and legendary reliability, IdeaPad laptops for style and fun, and Essential laptops for entry-level features and a value-oriented price.

The following premier laptop series are top recommendations:

Business & Home Office: The ThinkPad T Series offers high-performance laptops built for ultimate productivity and enhanced efficiency. Recognized as the gold standard, T Series laptops deliver an array of new-generation features. Optional touch navigation, full HD display and 4th Generation Intel Core Processors will help transform your work performance.

Entertainment & Gaming: The IdeaPad Y Series laptops take multimedia experiences to new heights. Premium graphics, studio-class audio and fast processing technology enhance how you watch movies and listen to music. Gamers will also excite over top-performance features like high resolution displays and an intelligent touchpad.

Student: The ThinkPad Twist Convertible Ultrabook Series twists and folds into a tablet or notebook. Use the Twist Ultrabook as a laptop for desktop typing or spin it into a tablet for on-the-go browsing. A multitouch display, ThinkVantage Active Protection System (APS) and Lenovo cloud storage make ThinkPad Twist Ultrabooks an excellent companion for students.

What’s the best Windows 8 laptop for work?

On the Lenovo main page, click on Laptops & Ultrabooks for a list of affordable or premium laptops for business on the go and the home office. Use the Narrow Your Search sidebar and select Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro under Operating System, as well as home office and small business under Usage. Results will include the best Lenovo laptops that are designed for productivity and your business needs.

The following recommended business and home office series offer premium laptops for great productivity and flexibility:

ThinkPad Yoga : The ThinkPad Yoga offers four different modes for business flexibility, including laptop, tablet, tent, and stand modes. As a Multimode Business Ultrabook, the ThinkPad Yoga meets all your business needs. Rely on the ThinkPad Yoga for easy mobility, massive storage and heavy-duty durability.

W Series: The W Series is a superior performance mobile workstation lauded for its ISV-certified applications. Designed with cutting-edge technology, the fast and lightweight portable workstation delivers advanced graphics, state-of-the-art computing capabilities and reliable cloud storage.

ThinkPad E Series: ThinkPad E Series laptops are progressively designed and powerfully engineered for superior work performance. Optimized for Windows 8, E Series laptops feature exceptional multimedia graphics support, a capacitive touch panel and the unique interface Lenovo OneLink Technology.

What’s the best Windows 8 laptop for gaming?

On the Lenovo main page, click on Laptops & Ultrabooks to see a list of premium laptops for entertainment and gaming. Find the best entertainment laptop for your gaming style by browsing through the collection of laptops for casual, social or extreme multimedia gaming.

The Y Series offers powerful gaming on-the-go with its high-performance gaming and multimedia laptops. Powering outstanding graphics, studio-class audio and processor intensive applications, the IdeaPad Y Series takes extreme gaming to new performance dimensions. Gamers will enjoy the Y Series dual NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 755M 2GB graphics and JBL®-designed stereo speakers.

The Z Series provides affordability, colorful design and high-performance entertainment experiences. Offering outstanding audio and rich graphics, a Z Series laptop takes gaming, watching movies and listening to music to new heights. Entertainment features include a full HD display, voice control and the intelligent touchpad.

The Yoga Series features a collection of sleek, convertible Ultrabooks that have an intuitive touch experience, high-resolution QHD+ multitouch display and 360º flip-and-fold design.

The Flex Series features mainstream multimode laptops with touch screen applications, intuitive gestures and a 10-point multitouch display.

The U Series includes designer laptops and Ultrabooks that are stylish, thin and light. Gamers can count on the optimized performance, smart technologies and a 10-point multitouch display.

What’s the best Windows 8 laptop for a student?

On the Lenovo main page, click on Laptops & Ultrabooks for a list of durable and fully functional laptops ideal for the classroom or dorm room. Find the best laptop for your academic lifestyle and educational needs by viewing PC features and learning more about the Essential G Series, ThinkPad Twist, ThinkPad Helix and ThinkPad L Series.

Use the Narrow Your Search sidebar and select Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro under Operating System, as well as Students under Usage. Results will include the best Lenovo laptops that are designed for working, sharing and browsing.

G Series laptops are affordable entry-level PCs that provide essential functionality and versatility. G Series laptops are equipped with the latest processing power, graphics enhancements and multimedia features.

ThinkPad Twist Convertible Ultrabooks twist, bend, fold and spin into a workstation for a student’s changing needs. Transform the ThinkPad Twist Multitouch Ultrabook into a laptop for writing a term paper or a tablet for reading assignments.

ThinkPad Helix PCs offer the premium performance of an Ultrabook and the mobility of a tablet. Transform a Helix Ultrabook into one of its four modes, including laptop, tablet, stand and tablet+ modes. Whether you’re taking notes in a desk or researching while comfortably lounging, the ThinkPad Helix will take learning and studying to new dimensions.

The ThinkPad L Series deliver price value, legendary reliability and productivity. L Series PCs are designed to enhance PC experiences with improved flexibility and military-specification standards. Features include an LCD design, award-winning keyboard build for Windows 8 and high-resolution display.

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