What is the Latest Version of Android

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What is the Latest Version of Android

You may be thinking, ‘what version of Android do I have?’ or, ‘what is the newest Android version?’. We are here to answer all of those questions in this guide to help you understand of Android versions and how they work on the excellent lineup of Motorola smartphones.

Let’s look at what is the latest version of Android

The latest version of Android is Android 12. It is the 19th version of Android led and launched by Google. On May 18, 2021, the first beta was released.

Initial releases of Android 12.0 were made available on Google's Pixel smartphones on October 19, 2021. Later this year, it will be available on other devices, including Xiaomi, Samsung Galaxy, Vivo, Oppo, OnePlus, Realme, and Tecno. This version of Android is not named after a super-cute dessert like the previous versions of Android. Android used to have dessert names, but this time Google has kept it very straightforward. There's nothing more to it than Android 12. Google still plans to refer to internal development builds by dessert names. The code name for Android 12 internally was "Snow Cone."

Let’s look at what is the current Android version

A number of new features and improvements are included in Android 12, as with Android 11 that came before it. Some of the most notable changes are a new design language called ‘Material You,’ refreshed design of the widgets, and a super-tight privacy dashboard.

What is the latest version of Android 12 like on Motorola phones?

The Motorola phones have been known to be notoriously difficult to update to the latest Android version. Because of this, most of them only get one platform update. For example, Android 10 phones launched in 2020 and early 2021 isn't expected to get Android 12. Motorola Razr phones will be the only phones that get it in 2020; everyone who bought recent phones like the Moto G Power (2021) won't be able to get it.

Do you want to know which Motorola phones will be receiving Android 12? We also know that Motorola will roll out the update in February 2022. Motorola released its full list of upcoming updates earlier this year - more than 25 in total. We have compiled a list of the full Motorola Smartphone models to receive Android 12 updates. While Moto G Pro will not be getting the newest version of Android, 29 other Motorola smartphones will be getting the latest Android version of Android 12. Among them are the Motorola Razr 5G, Moto G200, Moto G71 5G, Moto G60, Moto G Power (2022), and Motorola Edge 20 series, among many others in the pipeline.

#1 – What does the latest Android OS do

Android 12, announced in October 2021, is the latest version of Google's mobile operating system. In many ways, Android 12 seems quite close to Android 11, but it offers new features and performance improvements to help your phone run smoothly. With the current Android version upgrade, some Android phones are yet to join in the hoopla, but there are a number of new features that will make it worth upgrading. You can download and install the Android 12 developer preview now if you're still waiting for Google's new operating system to arrive on your device. There may be limitations to the newest Android version developer version as there may be bugs in it.

Depending on what phone you have, Android 12 will look different. What remains consistent is that there are many privacy improvements to the latest Android version, with new toggles to keep your microphone and camera off when necessary, a privacy dashboard that lets you know what apps ask for what permissions, and other improvements that make your phone better overall.

How do I find my Motorola software version?

You can view all apps by swiping up on the Home screen.

Go to System > About phone. Look under the Android version and build number.

Install Device Software Update on the device to verify that it has the latest version of the software. As soon as Motorola Razr and G series software updates become available, they are sent to your phone automatically. Now you have the latest Android version on your phone.

Here is how to check the Android version. Below are steps you can follow to check for updates manually.

If you wish to check for available updates wirelessly or over the air:

Navigate to Settings > System > Advanced > System Updates

You can download and install an update from your phone if one is available.

Once updated, your phone will restart to complete the installation.

Android 12's most notable feature- Material You

You get a design language tailored especially for you. Essentially, "Material You" emulates your wallpaper's color scheme. Their theming is actually systemwide, and third-party apps can be hooked into it in order to make the interface more consistent. With what is the latest version of Android, your wallpaper color scheme is reflected throughout the system of your phone. The latest update also adds adaptive widgets to the lock screen, quick settings, and notifications panel. Using blue wallpaper, for example, will result in your phone having shades of blue. You can choose which color accent your phone will have based on your wallpaper.

New Bold Design

Google has made all the buttons larger and bolder, and everything has round corners. It is less concerned with taking up more screen space. This is the most noticeable change in Android 12. This year, Android 12 looks to use space much more intelligently than to overstuff with information. It seems that bigger icons are applied to almost every aspect of Android 12. The menus and sliders are bolder, larger, and more colorful; everything else works the same.

Privacy Dashboard

As part of Android 12, Google has introduced a Privacy Dashboard and other changes dedicated to privacy. You can see a timeline of when apps access your phone's camera, microphone, or location using the Privacy Dashboard. As part of Android 12, your phone's camera and microphone will also have new indicators to indicate when they are in use.

With Android 12, you can share your approximate location instead of your precise location with apps requiring location data. Typically, you would see this setting in the location permission pop-up window.

Private Compute Core

A Private Compute Core will also be available in Android 12, which will ensure that your information will be kept private if you use AI-driven features such as Live Caption, Now Playing, or Smart Reply. The operating system will be able to keep the data safe much easier with a separate partition, while still making it available for system-level functions. In this sense, sensitive audio and language data processing will be exclusive to your device.

App Hibernation

With the new version of Android 12, it kicks off a brand new functionality named App Hibernation. If your apps are not actively being used, you can put them into "hibernation". If an app is hibernated, its storage will be optimized and its permissions will be revoked.

Android TV Remote

Android 12 finally includes a built-in remote for Android TVs, so you can use an Android TV device along with your Android phone. You no longer have to install an app on your phone for Android TV remote control. Users will be able to access basic software controls as well as Google Assistant and volume controls with the Chromecast with Google TV feature or TVs with Android TV built-in.

Scrolling screenshots

The latest version of Android brings in the much talked about and marketed feature of scrolling screenshots. Scrolling screenshots are now native to Android 12, giving you the ability to display more content in one picture. A new "capture more" button appears when you take a screenshot allowing you to capture a long tweet thread, for example.

Digital Car Key

This feature of Digital Car Key utilizes ultra-wideband technology that lets users unlock their cars using their phones while still in their pockets. If your phone is not compatible with ultra-wideband, you can still use the feature through NFC.

#2 – Why You Should Update if you Haven’t

Once you know how to check Android version and how to update Android version, you might want to know why it's a good idea to update to the new version. Many older smartphones can get new features through updates without having to buy a new device. That's why it's easy to still use new features with the same hardware. You'll get extra features depending on what software you have. Plus, every software update tries to make it easier for users to use the old phone.

Updating your phone is essential but it's not a requirement. It won't interfere with anything. This means that new features won't be added to your phone and bugs won't be addressed. So you will encounter problems even if they are addressed. Not updating your phone with security updates puts your phone at risk, as they patch security vulnerabilities. Any serious malfunction with your phone may put your banking apps at risk of being hacked. You may be at risk of prying hackers stealing your personal information if you don't update the system and don't fix the security vulnerabilities. If you do not update your apps to the latest version, you might experience a few issues and problems. If you don't know how to update Android version on your Motorola Smartphone, you have a lot more to lose in terms of convenience and security. That's why we recommend updating your smartphone regularly to maintain optimal performance.

#3 – Keeping Your Phone Up to Date

When you know what is the newest Android version does in terms of software, convenience, and security, you will be in a better position to keep your phone up-to-date. Keeping your Moto G Stylus and Motorola Razr operating system up to date when notified helps you patch security gaps and improve its overall performance. Software releases not only bring new features but also contain critical security updates.

There are 2 types of updates available for all users:

On your Motorola Smartphone, you will receive both security and version updates.

Patches and Security Updates

The size and frequency of security updates are typically smaller. Sometimes called security patches. A security patch normally fixes any security lapses in your phone's operating system and enhances its security against malicious attacks.

Android Version Updates

Among the names given to version, updates are major updates or operating system upgrades. Updates are usually released biannually and add major improvements to the operating system, such as changes to the user interface, new apps, and settings.

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