Meet our Chromebooks

Why Chromebooks
Chromebooks are a new breed of laptops that use technology more intuitively so you can better experience everything you enjoy. With just a Google login account, you can be up and running in less than 8 seconds. Seamless integration and collaboration with Google Photos, Docs, Music, Drive and more make being productive or having fun a snap. Because Chromebooks automatically update, you always have the latest features and virus protection. They don’t slow down over time either—they just keep getting better and better.
Chromebooks for everyone
Want a device that’s perfect for everyday use, whether at home or on the go? Or maybe you need something a bit more serious that can handle your business workload? Perhaps you’re looking for a laptop that’s rugged enough for the classroom, yet still lightweight and portable? Whatever you’re looking for, we have a Chromebook for you.
"Enough processing power to handle multitasking for homework and research"
3 out of 5 stars, LAPTOP, June 10, 2017

Yoga Chromebook

  • Powerful, eye-catching Chromebook
  • 15" near-edgeless touchsreen display
  • Easy-to-use & auto-updated security