What Is 4K Resolution?

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What Is 4K Resolution?

To understand what 4K resolution is, it helps to have some context. You are likely already familiar with high-definition or Full HD. It is the current resolution standard for digital television, Blu-Ray, and most digital video players, such as Netflix. However, you may be less familiar with what the term HD actually means.

A Full HD display is 1,080 pixels tall (where the term 1080p comes from) and 1,920 pixels wide. In total, the vertical and horizontal lines add up to just over 2 million individual pixels, or nearly 6 times the number of pixels in a standard DVD picture. This is important to know, as the greater the number of pixels there are in a picture, the greater the clarity and sharpness.

By comparison, 4K resolution is 2,160 pixels tall and 3,840 pixels wide (the term 4K is derived from the width – there is also a professional 4K standard that is 4,096 pixels wide). Combined, this equals nearly 8.3 million individual pixels in total, or four times as many pixels as Full HD. This increase in pixels produces a superior picture and makes it possible to increase the size of a display without losing image clarity.

For these reasons, 4K is quickly becoming the new standard in high-definition. Just as 720p replaced the old DVD standard of 480p, and 1080p replaced that, 4K resolution looks to be the next benchmark.

UHD vs 4K: Which is Better? And What is UHD?

UHD or Ultra High-definition refers to any display with a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 (4K) or greater. Thus, a computer monitor with 5K resolution (a display that is 5,000 pixels wide) is technically UHD. However, you will likely find that in practice, the terms UHD and 4K are all but interchangeable. In most cases, televisions and monitors that are marketed as being UHD have 4K resolution.

The display that is right for you will depend on what you're looking for, but if you opt for UHD or 4K, you will likely find that you can't go wrong. Both UHD and 4K monitors offer four times as many pixels as Full HD. This produces unparalleled clarity and sharpness, vibrant colors, and little to no image degradation as your distance from the display is increased.

Does Lenovo Offer 4K Products?

Yes. Lenovo's Y Series laptops are available in 4K resolution. With eye-popping visuals, these Ultra HD displays leave little to the imagination. For gamers, cinephiles, graphics designers, and photographers, there is no better choice.

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