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your creativity
with Yoga

Stunning, smart, and sustainably sourced. Amplified with AI. Whatever you dream up, Yoga PCs support you at every step of your creative journey.

your Yoga

Unleash your creativity with Yoga, a device ecosystem specifically engineered for the needs of creatives. Our innovative portfolio makes it easy to express yourself on your own terms.


Your New Creative

Faster. Cooler.

Power Your Passion

Multitask across pro apps, tackle extreme workloads, and edit high-res content with serious speed and capability with up to the latest Intel® Core™ Ultra Processors. On Yoga Pro laptops, Lenovo X Power amps it up even more, driving both the CPU and GPU for the best possible creative scenarios.

Smooth Your Flow.

Yoga creator laptops deliver graphics performance that gilds your creative process and produces exquisite visuals. Pro models offer a choice between Intel® Arc™ and NVIDIA® GeForce™ RTX graphics.

Blows Your Mind.
Saves Your Eyes.

Yoga laptop displays are your big and beautiful window to the world—whether you’re a creative dreamer or a professional creator. Select Yoga Pro Series laptops sport the dazzling PureSight Pro OLED display, which deploys more than 1,600 Mini-LED dimming zones for intense contrasts and exceptional HDR image quality. What’s more, low blue light emissions reduce eye strain over marathon creative sessions.

Welcome to the Elite Suite

Your creative tools should enhance your flow, not impede it. Yoga laptops’ Premium Suite elevates your process. Jump into crystal-clear brainstorming video sessions, listen to every idea in utmost clarity, and inspire the room with a voice that comes through loud clear. And then, type everything down with superb comfort and ease.


Up to 6 back-to-back speakers


Multiple mics with voice ID noise cancellation


1.5mm key travel and 0.3mm deep dish keycap


Up to 5MP camera with Smart Appearance

No Outlet?
No Problem.

Whether you’re plugged in or not, you’re powered by a high-capacity battery that runs as long as your inspirations. And it refuels in a flash via Rapid Charge technology. What’s more, an array of ports let you connect to displays and other peripherals. Connect, transfer, & charge up anytime, anywhere.


Rapid Charge technology



Design that
Shatters the Mold

Drips Like Your Fits

Creativity that Flips

Think You Know Everything?
Think Again.

More Ways to Care
for the Planet

Our dedication to critical sustainability efforts reflects our promise for a healthier, more balanced planet, fostering an ethos of accountability and pioneering innovation for the global good with a clear focus on smarter climate action, sustainable materials, and sustainable packaging.



We use recycled, renewable, and innovative bio-based materials in our packaging to help reduce our environmental impact.

Plastic-Free Packaging

FSC™-certified* Paper boxes of all Yoga



Incorporating recycled aluminum and post-consumer recycled plastic, the 2024 Yoga Series’ sustainable design helps us to move towards a more environmentally-friendly future.

Recycled Aluminum Yoga Book 9i's top cover

Recycled Aluminum in all
Yoga products’ top cover


Smarter Climate

We are environmentally conscious through smarter climate action with multiple certifications that contribute to reforestation, energy efficiency improvement and CO2 offsetting.

Epeat gold logoEnergy star logo

Carbon Neutral

Yoga Pro 9i

More Ways to
Express Yourself

As a creative, you need tools that enhance your process, not get in its way. Yoga accessories deliver a seamless experience so you can innovate and create with confidence.

Shop Accessories

More Ways to Care
for Your Yoga

Experience constant security and support for every Lenovo device with Lenovo Services.


Accidental Damage Protection - Covers drops, spills, electric surges, and broken LCD screens without additional costs.


At-your-doorstep support - For issues that can’t be fixed remotely, our reliable technicians will go the extra mile with prompt support at your doorstep.


Preventive PC health check - Annual PC health check where our experts spot issues before you do.


Boosted PC performance - Fixes performance and security issues, and keeps your device safe from malware.


Available - Prompt, personal service that doesn’t leave you hanging.


Remote data protection - Transfer all your data and PC settings easily and safely with just one step.

Shop your Yoga


Unleash your power
with Yoga Pro

Shop Pro


Make your move
with Yoga Slim

Shop Slim


Shape your creativity
with Yoga 2-in-1

Shop 2-in-1


Limitless possibilities
with Yoga Book

Shop Book

All in one

Connect your space
with Yoga AIO

Shop All in one

Yoga + Windows 11, Help is Always at Hand.

Harness your creative power with our inspired Yoga series, carrying all the latest Windows 11 built-in creator tools - Journal app, Clipchamp, Screen Recorder in Snipping tool, Photos apps etc.

Copilot in Windows 11 complements your capabilities and creativity with intelligent assistance and relevant answers. Unleash your creativity in the most efficient way.

Yoga and Windows 11 give you the tools you need to harness your creative power. Yoga carries all the latest creator tools built into Windows 11, including Journal, Clipchamp, Screen Recorder, Photos, and more, as well as the AI powered Copilot, an intelligent assistant that enhances your creativity and feeds your inspirations.

Footnotes and disclaimers
  1. 1. FSC License codes: C126093, C151697, C151597, C118727, C156624.

  2. 2. EPEAT-registered where applicable — see for registration status by country.

  3. 3. Yoga Pro 9i Carbon Neutrality Certified by TÜV Rheinland.

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