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Best Laptop for Gaming and School

When it comes to computers, most gamers tend to go for desktop computers due to their powerful performance and easily upgradable nature. However, for gamers who are also students, a gaming laptop might be a better compromise.

Laptops offer convenience due to their portable design, allowing students to bring their computers wherever they need to go. Gaming laptops are the perfect middle ground between powerful performance and enhanced portability and convenience.

It can be daunting to look for the best laptop for school and gaming, which is why we’ll be explaining what you should look for.

What Are the Advantages of Using a Gaming Laptop for School?

Before anything else, let’s first discuss why it can be beneficial for you as a student to buy a gaming laptop for school.

In general, there are several advantages to using a powerful gaming laptop for your schoolwork. Here are some of them:

  • Improved Performance

    For most students, a regular entry-level laptop is more than enough to accommodate their schoolwork, such as research papers and essays. However, it might not be able to handle more demanding tasks, such as video editing.

    Moreover, as a student, nothing is more frustrating than having your laptop freeze while you’re in the middle of writing a paper or working on a presentation for class.

    In this case, gaming laptops can be more beneficial for you since they’re designed to handle more demanding tasks and can even run larger programs, like video editing software, more quickly.

  • Enhanced Durability and Longevity

    Another benefit of using a powerful laptop for gaming and school is that you don’t have to worry about having to replace it sooner than expected. This is because gaming computers use higher quality components, and they’re built to last longer than regular laptops.

    Aside from this, they’re designed to accommodate future updates, so you don’t have to worry about your laptop becoming outdated a few years after buying it.

  • Easy to Use

    Despite their more powerful performance, gaming laptops are also easy to use and can do everything regular laptops can do and more.

    Using a gaming computer as your laptop for school and gaming means you enjoy faster speeds, better performance, and more powerful processing without sacrificing the user-friendly interface.

How to Buy the Best Laptop for Gaming and School?

If you have decided to buy a laptop that’s good for both school and gaming, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

With that said, check out some of the tips on how to buy the best laptop for gaming and school below.

  • Get a laptop with at least a 1080p resolution display.
  • While it’s rare to find gaming computers with a low-resolution display these days, it’s still best to check if your chosen model’s display is at least 1080p (1920 x 1080) or full HD. This is vital because anything less and you’ll only end up with lower quality images.

    Of course, you can also go for models with a FHD display for crisp and clear images, like the IdeaPad gaming laptops. However, keep in mind that a higher resolution display can cost more.

  • Look for one with a good GPU.
  • While a good GPU might not matter as much for your schoolwork, it’s undoubtedly vital for gaming unless you handle heavy-duty video editing work.

    After all, with a good GPU, you can enjoy crystal clear and crisper images while enjoying a smoother performance for your games.

    For average gamers, you can go with a model whose GPU has at least 4GB of VRAM. This can be enough to serve as the perfect laptop for gaming and school.

  • Don’t forget the other specs.
  • Of course, while your laptop’s GPU is essential, you shouldn’t forget about the other specs of your chosen model. For example, if you want a good laptop for school and gaming, you will need a processor that has a clock speed of at least 3.5GHz and four cores.

    Aside from this, you will need something that has at least 8GB of RAM. Some models from the Legion Series have as much as 16GB for the RAM.

    Lastly, you also need to consider its onboard storage. In terms of speed and performance, SSDs tend to be faster and more efficient than traditional hard drives.

    Fortunately, most laptops designed for gaming and standard computer tasks come with an SSD along with their larger regular hard drive.

  • Check the keyboard.
  • When it comes to the best laptop for gaming and school, the keyboard is another crucial factor. After all, you’ll need something that can handle both your schoolwork typing and gaming needs while still being comfortable enough.

    For this, you’ll need to check out three things: actuation, key travel, and anti-ghosting. For the actuation, which is how much force you need to press a key, it’s best to look for keyboards that need 60 to 70 grams. This provides enough spring and resistance without feeling too mushy.

    On the other hand, key travel refers to how far you can press a key down. In this case, keyboards with a key travel of at least 1.5mm or 2mm are ideal.

    Lastly, for laptops designed for gaming and school, you will want to look for one whose keyboard has an anti-ghosting feature. This will allow you to press several keys at once and ensure they all register.

  • Go for one with long battery life.
  • If you’re planning on using your laptop for both gaming and schoolwork, it’s best to look for a model that has a long battery life.

    Of course, this might not matter much for gaming since you’ll need to keep it plugged in if you want the best performance.

    However, since you’ll also be using it for school, you will need something that can last at least 10 hours on a single charge.

Find the Best Laptop for Gaming and School

Whether it’s for gaming, school, or both, you will need to find a powerful laptop that can meet your needs as both a gamer and student.

With that said, check out our other Lenovo Laptop FAQ pages for additional information on the best laptop for gaming and school.

Why should students buy at

We have a deep of back to school selection of laptops, desktops, tablets and more for students. Our laptops are designed to give you the versatility and durability to use your laptop for school and gaming. Need accessories? We offer a wide selection of accessories and software that will help you complete your study space. Buying the best laptop school for you doesn't have to be complicated. While also staying within your budget, parents and students can find helpful tips on how to choose the right computer for school needs in the student FAQ section. Or how about checking out our gaming for students laptops that can go from school PC to gaming rig easily. And remember, Lenovo offers free shipping on all orders and easy returns.

Still not sure where to start? Our Student Laptop Buying Guide walks you through all the things you need to know when buying a laptop. Get the rundown on RAM, storage, and more, so you can make the right choice.

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Save on the PC you want with today’s laptop deals. Find the best deals on the latest laptops and newest tech, available exclusively on Get even more off a new system with stackable eCoupons and student discounts.

So, take a look around. You might just discover the just right laptop for gaming and school. Shop for a cutting-edge laptop, desktop, tablet, and more you can rely on for years and that doesn’t break your budget.

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