Windows 10 Gaming Laptops

Once upon a time gamers would have been forced to make a big financial investment to get a worthwhile gaming laptop, but now even top of the line technology is becoming more affordable. It’s not unheard of to pick up a cheap gaming laptop with Windows 10 for under £300 if you truly search the market.

However, for those committed to gaming, it may be worth spending a little more in order to get a solid gaming laptop that also goes beyond play, and doubles up as a personal PC for business, school, and all your other non-gaming tasks.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of buying a Windows 10 laptop for gaming and what you should be looking for when picking the best PC for long-term investment.

  • Made for Productivity

    Streaming and Sharing

    Streaming your Xbox one games to Windows 10 is also a welcome addition to the gamer world. Especially for those who want to be able to capture their gameplay and upload it to video sharing sites. There’s the added benefit too of being able to see all your Xbox Live stats, making it a much more sociable add on for those who love chatting with fellow gamer friends and making full use of the app.

  • Conveniently Creative

    Easy to Optimize

    You may want to optimize your Windows 10 for gaming so that you can make the most of features and faster speeds. By uninstalling irrelevant software, cleaning out the registry that can make your laptop speed sluggish, and defragmenting your HDD regularly, you can get your gamer PC performing at optimum health.

  • Dazzling and Durable

    Protected Against Malware

    Another essential aspect of keeping your laptop speedy enough for gaming is keeping it secure. This is where having a Windows 10 machine can truly make a difference thanks to its super tight security features. From Windows Defender Antivirus to a sophisticated security centre offering plenty of robust features to keep you safe – peace of mind is paramount when choosing a good gaming laptop.

Can a Gaming Laptop Be Used as a Regular Laptop?

Picking a great gaming laptop with Windows 10 doesn’t mean you need to focus solely on gaming. A gaming laptop can also be used for browsing the web, watching films, listening to music, writing reports, running a business, and studying.

In fact, using a gaming laptop can mean that you get a peak performance right across the board as gamer laptops often have ergonomic keyboards for comfortable typing, exceptional graphics, and inbuilt cooling technology to ensure that your laptop stays chill regardless of how hard it’s working.

Gaming laptops are also built to be more durable and if you pick the right model, you don’t even need to worry about losing portability. Today’s modern gamer laptops are beautifully multifunctional, making them an amazing investment.

Can a Gaming Laptop Be Used as a Regular Laptop?

What’s the Best Laptop for Gaming and School?

The Legion 5i is one of the best Windows 10 portable gaming laptops. Suitable for any level, gamers will love the generous 15" size, the incredible capability, and the stripped back design that turns this laptop into a powerhouse machine.

A Solid Performance

The 10th Gen Intel Core 17 H Processor combined with optional NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics, 16 GB of DDr4 memory, and 1TB PCIe SSD storage exceeds expectations for the affordable price point, marking the Legion out as being one of the best choices for those wanting a solid performance for playing and streaming the latest AAA titles.
The robust battery life also carries over to working at home or in the classroom. With an 80Whr battery, the Legion brings 7.7 hours of power to the table, inviting you to unplug and work from anywhere. If you do need that boost of juice, the Rapid Charge Pro takes you back up to 50% in under thirty minutes.

Sharp and Clear Vision

Sharp and Clear Vision

Bringing the gamer experience to life is essential for any laptop that wants to hit the mark when it comes to being a true platform companion and the Legion 5i doesn’t fall short. Dolby Vision HDR keeps the screen sharp and popping with a full spectrum of colour.

A Trackpad for Tactile Pleasure

The size of the trackpad has also been boosted by a staggering 39 percent, and when combined with the TrueStrike keyboard, every move is a tactile pleasure. Upping the ante with the Wi-Fi 6 also keeps that connection as steady as a heartbeat so gamers can breathe a deep sigh of relief knowing they won’t be interrupted.

For those school or work assignments, the ergonomic keyboard also brings its pleasure to responsive typing, and the Wi-Fi connection ensures that browsing, research and staying connected with the classroom is never an issue.

Added Layers of Safety

Access to Endless Games

There’s over 100 games to explore when you opt for the Windows 10 with Xbox Game Pass. From big name favourites to indie gems and new games added all the time, the wait is finally over and you can keep up to date with latest releases with same day downloads.

Fast and Silent

The Legion 5i is fast and silent meaning that you can play well into the small hours without causing a stir. The powerful performance never fails to delight, especially when housed inside a super portable style gaming laptop that remains stylishly thin and lightweight.

Investing in a gaming laptop with Windows 10 brings higher speeds, maximum graphics, great sound, better durability, and lots of space for upgradable parts. These are laptops built for the long-term and ever ready for pleasure, business, and play.