Buying a Laptop for Kids

Let’s face it: Computers are an integral part of the modern world. In addition to playing games or connecting with friends, kids today use computers for everything related to education from doing homework to taking... Read Start Buying a Laptop for Kids

Computer Accessories for College

Laptops are the ultimate in portable computing, but that doesn’t mean that a laptop can’t be made even more useful with the right accessories. If you’re a student, or someone looking to help a student out with a thoughtful gift... Read Best Computer Accessories for College

The Technology You'll Need for Remote Learning

The age of remote learning is here. Colleges and universities are increasingly incorporating online education into their offerings, and many professors are using the Internet and the latest learning tools to create a... Read Technology for Remote Learning

Parent's Guide on How to Find the Best Laptop for University

So your kid is heading off to university—congrats! By now you’re probably racing through the lists of things they’ll need while away from home: Food, clothing, dorm room essentials (yes, childhood teddy bears count!), etc... Read Best laptop for University

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